Cloning Neanderthals?

On EURONEWS there was a segment about the possibilty to clone a neanderthal. Here is the

Science seems to be starting to make these kinds of things possible. Scientist are not currnetly trying to clone a neanderthal but in the future that may change. So here is the problem. Is a neanderthal a human being with a human soul created in the image of God? Or, is it a highly intellegent primate? They already want to clone a mammoth with DNA recovered in Siberia. I am not asking if they should clone an extinct neanderthal but what would it mean if they did.

We do not know the answer to those questions.

Indeed, we don’t know. We know that our species is created in God’s image- but we know nothing of other humanoids. I’m suspect if this science advances the Church will make some sort of statement about it.

Neanderthals had art. They found deep and secret places to create their art. They buried their dead with flowers, food and artifacts for a journey. This would seem to prove they thought about the “beyond” and that they were human.

Animals do not have art, they do not bury their dead.

This is a reconstruction of a Neanderthal face: does it look human to you? Photograph: Reconstruction by Kennis & Kennis/Photograph by Joe McNally National Geographic October 2008

Maybe it would be like Star Trek or something. Matter of fact, I wish scientist would busy themselves with something useful like a food replicator or warp drive or something. What is the use of cloning extinct animals and humanoids? They will soon die afterwards anyway because they would need a womb to gestate them.

They are already looking for an “adventurous woman” to bear the “clone.”

Good Grief:rolleyes: Well I suppose it takes one Neanderthal to attempt to clone another.
So much for the accolades of human science. Find another tall guy to walk around in a hairy monkey suit.

That isn’t true. A Harvard professor gave an interview with Der Spiegel magazine in which he said that “an adventurous woman” would be required to conduct such a clone. The world news community then erupted in flurry of news stories.

The professor later stated that his words were badly misinterpreted and that he wasn’t advocating that such a clone be done.

“I’m certainly not advocating it,” Church told the Boston Herald. “I’m saying, if it is technically possible someday, we need to start talking about it today.”

That’s a relief!:thumbsup:

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