Closed section to ask questions not for debate

Did this forum ever have a section where one could pose questions to be answered by either clergy, religious, or a theologian, that would be closed off from public input and not re opened in the public forums ?

If not, is it possible the forum would in the future.

What you’re describing was the Ask an Apologist section. It was discontinued when the Forum was moved to Discourse in 2017.


Like Ask an Apologist? That was kind of like that. You could read the question and response, but you couldn’t interact unless you were asking the question or were the apologist.

Correct, and cruciferi answered what I meant,

just seems like a good feature to have that could or would help in a lot of ways, and it is too bad it is gone or wont be brought back.

I am presuming it was closed because the apologists cost money, as did the larger number of moderators that the previous forum had. It seems that the move to Discourse was to save money.

Also, the same questions tend to get asked here over and over, and it’s relatively rare for someone these days to have a question that an apologist hasn’t already addressed, either on here, or on the main CA site, or someplace else like EWTN site.

Also, I think we have a lot of good subject-matter experts on here that deal with Scripture questions, annulment questions, and questions requiring input from a priest or deacon (we have two priests and at least 2-3 deacons). So, between the past answers from apologists, and the subject matter experts who post on here, I’m not sure what more “Ask an Apologist” would add to this forum. Especially when a goodly number of posters who come here asking questions do not accept perfectly good answers that they are given.

If you want an apologist answer, there are likely CA live shows on radio that you could call into.

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it would be nice to have the archives so people could search the database of questions.


They’re here, in the “Ask an Apologist” category. It should show up under Categories on this forum and also the Ask an Apologist threads pop up in forum search and Google search.

I just quoted one of the old answers from 2011 a couple days ago in a discussion about whether you can still have Adoration if the Blessed Sacrament is in the tabernacle rather than exposed.

thank you, good to know

I have always wondered how the term “apologist” came to be used not for someone apologizing for the faith, but for someone knowledgeable in it and in spreading the Word. For awhile, I was confused by this term. Why would anyone in any religious order, clergy or other person strong in the faith be an “apologist” for it? Then I learned what it really meant, but am still wondering why that term is used.

Because apologia in Greek means something like “to give a defense”.

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