Closing of the Year of St Paul 29th June


Well folks it is nearly upon us. The “Year of St Paul” ends on 29th June. I would like to hear from folks on how they feel they have spiritually (or otherwise) benefited from spending this year in the company of such a great Apostle.

What did you do? What did you learn? What have you changed? How have you changed? Who is St Paul to you now? Do you know more about him? Have you allowed him to teach you?

I for one can say that I am far more familiar with the writings of St Paul. I did make an effort to try and read all his letters and had a reading plan for the year. I can safely say that I was ok for about 7 months and then let it slip bit by bit. Shame on me. I can remember a good lot of quotations and lessons from his writings that I have read and I have asked for his intercession everyday over the past year. St Paul was one of my Communion intercessors for the year.

How did you fare with the plans you made?


WOW! Good to see that year made such an impact!:blush:



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