Closing the Year of the Eucharist? Ideas?

What is your parish planning to solemnly close the Year of the Eucharist this October? Please share with the formum what your plans are or just help brainstorm ideas of what you’d like to do.

I am on a small committee at my parish to plan and promote special events during the Year of the Eucharist. We are hoping to plan a memorable evening to close this grace-filled year. We have perpetual Eucharistic Adoration and will have our Bishop preach one weekend soon at all the Masses encouraging more to sign up.

On the last Saturday night of October, we’ll offer a lovely Eucharistic concert after the Vigil Mass :thumbsup: . All the music will have a Eucharistic theme. We would like to combine this with some other ritual or talk. We will likely have Benediction at the end of the evening and possibly a small indoor procession throughout the church (like we do on Holy Thursday).

What do you think? Ideas are welcome.
Praised be Jesus!

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