Closure of US embassy in Baghdad would bring Iraq's 'economic collapse': PM Kadhimi

Remember, in January/February, they wanted us out of there?? Now this!

Closure of US embassy in Baghdad would bring Iraq’s ‘economic collapse’: PM Kadhimi

Zhelwan Z. Wali

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraq will plunge into “direct economic collapse” if the United States follows through on threats to close its embassy in Baghdad, the Iraqi prime minister warned on Saturday.

In an interview with state-run al-Iraqiya TV, premier Mustafa al-Kadhimi warned of “a real crisis, and serious consequences” if Washington were to shut its embassy in the Iraqi capital.

“This would lead to a direct economic collapse,” Kadhimi said in the interview aired on Saturday.

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Hostile parties have lobbed missiles towards our embassy. I believe, in one case, 2 bystanders were killed.

What reasons are given for a direct economic collapse through the closure of an embassy.

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