Clothes woven by two different materials


So apparently in the bible it says you can not wear clothes woven by two different fabrics but in church the preists clothing is not all one fabric. Also for me this rule just doesn’t make sense so please can I have some clarification


This was part of the “ceremonial law”. It is part of Judaism.


This was for the Jews before Christ. We are under a new law now.


I hope I am disappointed and the next question is not what I think it will be…


In Judaism, there was the Law which kept a universal sense and wholeness to life including ceremonious things.
Hence, you could eat normal fish, but not crustaceans. You could wear clothes but not if it is taken from two different cloths.

Some would say they provide a deeper meaning into clothing yourself with right teaching.

But anyway, there’s a New and Old Testament, giving the New and Old Law. Now Jew and Gentile are one and under the New Law as the Messiah Jesus Christ has already come.


I caught that right away :grin:


What’s the next question you expect?


A comparison between the mixed fibers/selling child to slavery/touching a pig/eating shellfish/insert the Levitical prohibition and the Church’s teaching against homosexual acts.


Ooh, I see. Those do seem to come hand-in-hand…


Thank you all


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