Clothing and St Patricks day


Would it be wrong to wear a shirt that said “St Patrick’s drinking team” on it for the celebration of St patricks day? I have it and am curious since ive worn it before and didnt think of it being bad at the time. Thanks!

It’s fine. I have my share of jokey St. Patrick’s shirts and drinking shirts.

Make sure whoever you’re going to wear it around is not going to be upset by it - I’m presuming for example that you are wearing it in USA rather than in Ireland where it would likely not go over well - and also don’t actually go getting drunk and disorderly in it.

Why are we talking about St. Patrick’s Day on June 23rd haha

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He probably just found the shirt and is asking for next year :smiley:

A little iffy in my book. Being a curmudgeonly Catholic, I would rather have a gennie Saint Patrick T-shirt and learn enough about him to inform others. He was not a traveling drunk, for instance. And, to stretch it further, voluntary intoxication is confessory material.

Full disclosure: I was “dry” for 43+ years, having lost brother, cousin, aunt and grandfather to alcoholism. 31 years carrying badge and gun showed me the utter destructive power of alcohol misuse. Today, I have a couple of glasses of wine per year in the company of the hematologist who saved my life three times now.

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I find it offensive, to be honest.

I get that St. Patrick’s day is less about St. Patrick than it should be, and had sort of turned into an Irish pride day, but I think painting Irish people as being a bunch of boozers is offensive. There is so much more to being Irish than their alcohol consumption. The Irish have a rich heritage and many people to be proud of. Their contributions to literature, music, and other arts, law enforcement and more are overlooked and references to drinking is all you hear about.

I also think that people that are so PC about so many other things are not bothered by how offensive their stereotypical portrayals of the Irish are. That would not fly with other nationalities, races or religions. It’s gotten so that I do not look forward to St. Patrick’s day as much as I used to because it’s meaning has been so distorted.

So wear your shirt if you want, but I won’t compliment you on it.

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