What do I do with some of my clothing? I do not feel it is appropriate for me anymore ( could be provocative). The items are in good condition. If I give them away is that promoting inappropriateness? I suppose some women/ girls might be able to wear them and not appear provocative. I also have a Japanese “good luck” cat figure. Is this occult?

The cat figure is just a statue. Cute but of no consequence.

The clothes…:shrug: if you feel they are so bad, trash them. It’s your conscience…

May I ask what sorts of things? Some items can be modified or worn differently, in a way that makes them appropriate.

Cut them into pieces and put them in a clothing bank. Anything that can’t be worn they recycle.

Can you layer them?

Do you sew? Perhaps you can alter them. Or make them into a quilt.

If you don’t sew, find a friend that does and give to the friend to use for projects. People are reusing clothing in craft projects a lot these days. Making things like wallets, purses, doll clothes, ipad cases, etc.

If they’re in wearable condition, donate them. Don’t trash them simply because they may be inappropriate. Someone might need them.

I recently had a conversation with a woman who runs a food bank. She said they do everything they can to provide high quality, healthful, nutritious food. However, if people are hungry, lower quality food is better than no food at all.

It depends:

If you keep it and use it for “good luck” it is superstitious and should be gotten rid of.

If you keep it as mere decoration it is fine to keep (although, personally I’d be rid of it).

If you used to use it as “good luck” and now only keep it as decoration, then you can still keep it, but I’d rather see you make a clean break and get rid of it.

they are form fitting skirts and shirts. the shirts are low cut but could be worn with undershirts. the skirts might look better on someone thinner.

thank you.

In that case I would layer the shirts and donate the skirts. I also find that cardigan type sweaters or even lightweight sweater “vests” are great items to help with modesty.

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