Clown Mass? What is it?


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Anyway, I hear people making references to a “Clown Mass” What is that? Is there a Mass in which people dress up like clowns!!! :bigyikes: I’m confused!!! :hmmm:


It seems so from the pictures I’ve seen. It is one of those that Benedict refers to as feeling that liturgical innovation was somehow required.


Wooowwww…that’s really sad.


Something I hope’s I never see:D But really I never heard of this.


I didn’t believe what a fellow catholic had told me. I thought he was exaggerating when he would talk about terrible abuses of the mass, clown masses, halloween masses with a blessing from Barnie the purple dinosaur. Then I saw them. There have been videos posted on you tube. I don’t even know strong enough words for what I saw: Blasphemy; Travesty? Who but the devil would want to make a joke out of the holy mass?

If you’re ready for it, go to you tube and search the words “Clown Mass”. “Liturgical Abuse” " Halloween Mass" etc. People have filmed these in the hope of exposing these offenses to the church. If you honor the church and the mass (as I’m sure you do) you will be very disturbed.


I think they were popular in the Seattle area when Bishop Hunthausen was there.


By any chance, did they come into vogue after Godspell?

(I love Godspell, BTW. See the Popular Media section for the Jesus Christ Superstar thread."


I have just seen the pictures. I have seen lots of spin just based on the picture. Nowhere have I seen the entire story behind it. I interpret it to be the priest trying to make some point during the homily. You do not know if it was targeted towards the entire parish, if it was a youth retreat mass, or even the content of what he was speaking about. Unless we know those we really cannot make judgments.


You should watch the videos.


Oh yes we can. I feel perfectly confident in saying that we should NEVER dress up as clowns for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. EVER. I think this is one universal rule that shouldn’t be too controversial.

We should all pray that the “innovators” see the errors of their ways. Get a GIRM. Do the Red, say the Black. It’s that simple.

God Bless.


Clowns creep me out…


Have a link? (YouTube, Google Video, etc…)


First, I doubt the GRIM is explicitly against this. Second, if it was done during the homily and not the Liturgy of Eucharist there should be no problem. I have been around the upper Midwest for masses and have never heard of “Clown Masses”. I only know of Polka masses.


Now I do disagree with this. If the Mass was said for a Clown school as part of their graduation then it would be no different than a Graduation Mass with all graduates in their Caps and Gowns. Or to give a special blessing to the work of the clowns then it could be appropriate to dress in their specific costume and make-up. If we had a Mass for the blessing of our men and women in the Armed Forces you would not object to them coming in Uniform and assisitng at the Altar so don’t object to Clowns whose professional uniform is a costume and make-up.

Being a Clown is a respectable profession whether they creep you out or not.

Like someone else said, I have no idea why there was a Clown Mass (so to speak). That alone is not an abuse, there may have been other things that happened during this Mass that were abuses though.

Not only that but as far as I know the pictures and you-tube stuff are all of the same Mass yet those who found extreme offense (and they may or may not be right in doing so) use this as if this kind of thing is happening every week or month!

Brenda V.


I will have to disagree with you on several points. There is a line to what is appropriate and what is not. I was once a life guard which is a respectable profession too. You cross the line when you dress up as clowns, witches goblins or whatever.

But, I think the clown mass they were referring too is what Brother Rich mentioned, when the priest adds and subtracts whatever he wants to, it becomes goofy and silly.


The biggest offense about the notorious “Clown Mass” is the bad makeup and wigs seen in that infamous picture. Give me some good lookin’ clowns at Mass, for heaven’s sake.


My word, the things one learns by hanging out here. I never heard of this. Think I’ll go over to YouTube and check it out.


Not only that but the “clown” mass has the priest dressed as a clown as well.


The same picture I see over and over is clearly during the homily and all the priest has on is a removable red nose. I would assume it was just there for the homily to make a point.


Well, just for the benefit of the doubt, I went and checked it out
and there is a lot wrong with this. A lot. I don’t even think we would have to list everything that is wrong…

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