Clown Mass?

I see comments sometimes referring to the ‘clown mass’…

Is that a real thing or is it a perjorative descriptor…i/e ‘cafeteria catholic’?


No. literally. mass with celebrants and participants dressed up as clowns.


It’s ludicrous enough of a suggestion that you’d really think it was just hyperbole, wouldn’t you? Yet, I’ve seen videos on YouTube where exactly that sort of thing (as well as Masses with other ‘themes’ and ‘costumes’ and ‘performances’) goes on.

There are photos of a Mass in which the priest and others dressed as clowns, for Halloween or something. It was an awful thing to do, but some people act like that is the norm :shrug:

it’s kind of like saying that you met a man from Ruritania who stole from you and therefore you hate all people from Ruritania.

Post edited. pictures included. must go throw up now.

To quote the great George Takei:

“Oh my…”

It’s real? But…the focus was still on the Lord…right?

But this example you provide is something different. A couple of people went to Mass dressed in costume – that’s it. There are other instances where the celebrant and ministers were dressed as clowns. (It seems that this happens more often outside the U.S. than inside, just judging from the videos and photos one runs across.)

The lady(?) in the photo is recieving on the tounge at least.

Wow. Just…wow.

Sadly, such events have happened. google the term and you’ll find pictures and videos.

I have been fortunate enough to have not witnessed one personally, but I was once subjected to a multi-culture Mass once where a Chinese parade dragon came in before the procession to “bless the space.” :vomiticon:

I believe it’s just a manifestation of Pride on a liturgist. The same way that many directors try to offer a new interpretation of a Shakespeare play. They’re pleased with their cleverness, but the audience isn’t; sticking with the script and performing it well would please the audience more.

There are no provisions in the GIRM for clown Masses. Period.

my bad. :frowning:

PLEASE, please! This website that displayed the clown receiving communion is notorious for doctoring its photos to depict the Church in the most unfavorable light. They have a red danger rating for antics such as these that appear in regularity there.

I just gave it a google. wont let me edit it. sorry.

It’s a real thing that really happened at some points in some places, but it has now sort of morphed into an archetype for liturgical abuse and irreverence.

There are certainly plenty of YouTube videos, but most of them make it difficult to figure out the details (Is it a Catholic Church?, Is it supposed to be Mass?. Is the footage 30 years old?, etc.).

As an archetype, I understand it’s usage. It’s a vivid, colorful image that quickly and easily encapsulates all that went wrong liturgically in the last 50 years. But I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about such things actually taking place. I doubt they are very common anymore in Catholic circles. If I ever encountered one personally, I would certainly report it to the right people, though.

Excellent point, Joe! :thumbsup:

I actually attended one while in Catholic grade school in the early 80’s. As a child I appreciated it and as you can see I remember it to this day.

Here’s the thing, faith has to be meaningful to a person. For some of you here that means adherence to strict rules and old customs. For others it means new styles of worship. For some it means mission work. For some it’s seclusion or others working in community.

Salvation of mind, body, and sprit through Christ is the goal here; not that we all agree on how we experience faith. Even the Catholic Church, though teaching it is the most perfect way, recognizes there are other paths to salvation that are not Catholic. Even Christ taught against Jews who mainly adhered to rules and not living their faith fully; so let people explore and live out their faith in meaningful ways.

Mis-interpreted and incorrect.

Misinterpretation of the alleged misinterpretation. The Church does teach the underlined ending.

EDIT: To add, that all salvation comes through the Catholic Church and Jesus Christ, though there are other paths to salvation besides official membership as a Catholic.

Yeah. Even when you say Antichrist, the focus is still on Christ, if you know what I mean.

Yeah, Mass is the Sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is mystically dying on the Cross at the presence of his beloved Mother. It’s not meant to be funny or to feel good. It’s meant to atone for the world’s sins and stop the just wrath of God. Irreverence to the Holy Mass is an abomination that is unjustifiable, no matter how hard you try.

Well…maybe more of an assumption of mis-interpretation on my part. I get nervous when that whole subject comes up. Apologies if I jumped to a wrong conclusion.

You added the important clarification, so thanks!

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