CMPD chaplains told not to use ‘Jesus’ in official prayers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Joining a move toward nonsectarian prayer, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has asked its chaplains to stop including Jesus in their invocations at official department ceremonies.

The change, which applies to such events as police graduations, promotions and memorials, took place about a month ago, said Maj. John Diggs, who heads the department’s volunteer chaplain program. The goal: greater sensitivity to all religions practiced by the more than 2,000 police employees.

“This is not in any way an effort to demean anybody’s Christian beliefs,” Diggs said. “It’s to show respect for all the religious practices in our organization. CMPD is not anybody’s church.”

Secularism run amok in NC!


That is exactly what it is an effort to do.

But I’m sure Allah is still A-OK, what a crock! Christianity is under attack. Plain and Simple.

That’s like saying we should stop referencing the United States of America when we say the Pledge of Allegiance.

They could get an Arab Catholic in if using Allah as a term was ok…

I just posted a similar article. That said, this is just downright disgusting. Chaplains in the Army or any other military branch have every right to use the name of Jesus during their prayers if they want to do and it doesn’t matter if the prayers are public or private. It is so sad that the same people who protect our freedom are now having their own freedom attacked.

Satan is definitely roaming through the earth seeking who he can devour. Unfortunately he seems to be working overtime on the United States lately.

God forbid that we actually mention that God does actually forbid.

Military chaplains always “heavenly Father” when they lead public ceremony.

They do not have that right if the prayers are official. If soldiers or police are ordered to attend some official function, then any prayers offered at that function are required to be non-denominational. Would you be happy if Catholic soldiers were ordered to attend an event where prayers were offered to Krishna?

Have a read of Why I’m against pre-game prayers and think about it.

There are non-Catholic and non-Christian chaplains in the Army. Do you really want Catholic soldiers to be forced to attend non-Catholic or non-Christian prayers?

Events where attendance is voluntary are different, but where attendance is compulsory, then specific doctrines and religious beliefs should be avoided.


I think we should ban all pork meats from all US supermarkets out of respect for Muslims and Jews who can’t eat them for religious reasons. Respect is great, we need to apply it everywhere for the sake of consistency.

I was agreeing with your post at first RobertAnthony, but then I decided that you were being too intolerant because you implied that poultry and fish would still be acceptable items of sale. You obviously were not being considerate of the PETA members who have to walk past the cold-cut station on their way to the tofu aisle when you wrote this. I would imagine it’s very offensive for them to have to look at sliced turkey.

I probably wouldn’t be happy, but then again that’s probably because I’m American and my country was created on Christian principles. Even if I no longer believed, I would still respect the tradition.

:stuck_out_tongue: How many soybeans had their lives cut short to make that tofu? :smiley:

The numbers are too horrific to contemplate!:eek:

The proper analogy would be if we should make Jews and Muslims eat pork at their places of work.

No, that is not a proper analogy at all. Listening to someone else invoke the name of Jesus is not the same as violating a law of your religion.

I think along the way we’ve lost the “In Rome, do as Romans do”. I’m Canadian, and I’ve always felt the “water down or deny your identity so every one feels at home” was more keenly felt here. I guess what was over here is over there (US) now. People will disagree with me, but the core identity of America (allow me to include Canada in there) is Christian, whether you like it or not. Moslems are welcome so is every good faith member of any religion so long as they acknowledge that christianity is at the core of who we are. Build Mosques, pray to Allah, but recognize that America’s God is the Christian God (who else is there?), whose son is Jesus.

There is a difference in making a reference to God, which each individual can define personally and internally as they wish (and atheists can choose to ignore), than a reference to the Christian leader which automatically and needlessly excludes others. I have relatives in Canada who have lived there since the 19th Century and I think that after four or five generations they would have the right to be full and equal citizens of Canada (or mutatis mutandis, of the U.S.) It was exactly the thinking that you expressed, which was used as a justification by Canadians and the Canadian government to deny entry to Jews when Hitler rose to power and after WWII (“no Jews are too many Jews”).{and who knows- maybe" the other silicon valley" might have been in Canada}.

Chosen People, what you reference is what normally happens to a minority group. You seem to support the notion that the heritage and traditions the majority holds near and dear to their hearts should be swept aside to assuage the feelings of the minority. If an atheist can choose to ignore the invocation of God, I really don’t see why non-Christians can’t ignore the name of Jesus. But let’s be honest - this is not a case of someone getting their feelings hurt. It’s obviously an attack on Christian culture.

I don’t understand what your reference to your relatives in Canada has to do with this - all military soldiers *are *full and equal citizens of this country.

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