Cmt shows sex toy ad during family movie

[LEFT] Cmt shows sex toy ad during family movie

[LEFT] The movie Field of Dreams is a delightful family film about the joys of baseball and living one’s dreams.

                                                And the CMT cable network                                                      thought it was a perfect                                                      place to show an explicit ad                                                      for a sex toy. 
                                                In the past, the CMT cable                                                      network has been devoted to                                                      country music videos and                                                      heartwarming movies. But on                                                      Monday, July 13, the                                                      supposedly family-friendly                                                      channel showed a commercial                                                      for Trojan’s newest sex toy                                                      – complete with giggling,                                                      smirking women and pictures                                                      of the toy itself! (To see                                                      the ad, **                                                     [                                                     click here]("")**.   **                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WARNING! Explicit material!**                                                     )                                                     
                                                **Even worse, the sleazy                                                      commercial was shown during                                                      a movie playing at 9:00 p.m.                                                      ET/PT – only 8:00 p.m. in                                                      the Central and Mountain                                                      time zones! **
                                                Showing this ad was totally                                                      irresponsible on CMT’s part                                                      – and on the part of the                                                      CMT’s network’s owners, MTV                                                      and Viacom. Likewise,                                                      sex-toy and condom                                                      manufacturer Trojan should                                                      be more responsible in where                                                      it places its commercials.                                                     

This marks a first for advertiser-supported cable television. In recent years the sex industry has grown bolder in marketing their wares. Just a few short years ago, Trojan made a stir by advertising condoms on broadcast TV. More recently, ads for personal lubricants have started appearing on broadcast TV and cable. But this ad marks the first time a sex toy has been advertised on mainstream, advertiser supported basic cable.

Many PTC members have told us how disturbed they are about these ads appearing during sporting events and other places where children can see them. Now, the previously safe-for-children CMT network is showing women discussing sex in a commercial which displays a sex toy – in prime-time, during a family movie! Do YOU want to explain to YOUR children what this ad means, when you thought you were enjoying a movie about baseball?

If YOU are sick and tired of sex invading every program on TV, no matter how inappropriate or how many children are watching, YOU can** TAKE ACTION NOW!**

Contact CMT’s corporate owners and DEMAND that family-friendly movies and programs remain free of sex ads. And tell Trojan that it should place its ads more responsibly!

To contact CMT’s owner Viacom, ** click here.**

To contact Trojan’s parent company Church & Dwight, ** click here.** [LEFT] ** And please, forward this message to everyone you know who cares about protecting children from indecent content.**[/LEFT]

your kids may be watching…

This is despicable. I paid nearly twice as much for my non-Trojan-brand finger-toy. :mad:

I agree that was so inappropriate. I have emailed them!:thumbsup:

I am sick of the adult-themed ads that are on family shows. We sometimes have family time with shows that are decent, but the ads are not. There are the male enhancement commercials, birth control pills pitches, Viagra and Levitra ads, and the hits keep on coming. It would be one thing if we knew what we would end up seeing, but there are no viewer guides for commercials. These are complete surprises. Having this ad on CMT during a family movie is way past inexcusable.

Does anyone in a position to decide look at when the ads are running and in what show? When I was in college, I had to take a marketing course that had discussions of running advertisements. The professor taught a class on timing the ads to get the right audience that would be willing and ready to buy. I remember his saying that you don’t advertise beer at 8:00 a.m. It seems that concept no longer applies. Of course, decency during the family hours has been eradicated, but the pure economics should cause some restraint.

Dude, what the heck?

This confirms my decision to record everything I want to see so I can watch it later without the commercials. :thumbsup: (With our DVR, we can even start watching the program while it’s still recording!)

This is why I’m not going to have cable when I have kiddos.

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