CNN 2016 Poll: Bush and Paul tied for top spot in crowded GOP field


Washington (CNN) - She’s still the overwhelming front runner in the race for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, but according to a new national poll Hillary Clinton’s support has slightly deteriorated since the beginning of the year.

And a CNN/ORC International survey released Tuesday morning also indicates that while the hunt for the Republican nomination remains wide open at this very early point, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is now tied with Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky at the top of a crowded list of potential contenders.



Jeb Bush would make a great President and I hope he wins the nomination and runs despite Bush (and Clinton) fatigue.


The party won’t nominate him; Bush fatigue is still too strong in all sectors.



You can say that after the S&L mess? The man is a crook by all standards, and no more trust worthy than his father or brother. Sorry folks, but the Bush Dynasty is one of the worst things that ever happened to this nation. All you have to do is a little research about the family and it’s ties to the Nazi war machine to figure that out. Wow!


Polls from 2007:

Giuliani Solidifies Lead in Republican Nomination Poll

Hillary Clinton lead Barack Obama by 15% points at one stage:

These early polls are not always indiciators of what will happen once nominees are announced and presidential races are fought.


Keep in mind that similar polls had Joe Lieberman winning the Democratic nomination in 2004 and Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination in 2012. Polls this far out are meaningless. Polls even 12 months from now will likely be meaningless.


I think you have the wrong Bush son.


Well, no, he did say “father or brother”.

I still say the GOP will not put their one egg on a Bush or a Texas basket for the next six cycles, if then.



That’s a pretty serious accusation. Do you have any evidence Jeb is involved in this?


I like Jeb bush too. However, I think he’s a candidate of the past. We need some new ideas/fresh thinking for a change. I still hope bobby jindal and Marco Rubio run. Also rand Paul. I see Paul Ryan unfortunately as a budget wonk who does not excite or inspire people. And we need to remember, the GOP nominee would need the votes of independents. I just don’t see bush as the guy to change the direction but merely be someone who might slow down the decline a little. I don’t think he gets the nature of the left.



If Bush and Clinton are the nominees of their respected parties I will have no doubt that the fix is in. It bad enough that every US President sans Van Buren are related to each other.


For what it’s worth, I think we’re seeing a gap between younger newer politicians and more seasoned ones. A lot of incumbents have been voted out of office over the past few election cycles meaning there are a slimmer pool of candidates to choose from.

Because greener politicians generally struggle convincing big time donors to support them over better known and more experienced candidates, the more experienced candidates tend to win out.

I think as long as 2014 and 2016 “settle” a bit, we’re likely to see a more seasoned pool of candidates emerge in the future that are younger in age. But that probably won’t happen in time for 2016.


Yes, the Jeb Bush push scares me. Writing on the wall: round 3: John McCain, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush. Cannot see him defeating Clinton. I think Rand Paul could be quietly gathering momentum. Don’t know if I am happy about that or not. He’s not my first choice. But momentum is momentum. This is exactly what Obama did in the Democratic party (starting a couple years before the election) – it was just a sort of energy that grew and grew and drew people together and motivated them. Never and I mean never underestimate cult of personality. Don’t be surprised if it comes down to Paul. He just keeps turning up, like a bad penny. If he can get over the “establishment” hurdle, and that’s a BIG if, it’s his. Could he beat Clinton, probably not, but I think he has a better shot than Bush or Ryan and is about equal to Cruz or Rubio or Jindal. I agree we need new faces and a motivated party. Rand Paul has charisma; he’s personable and he reaches out to people in an appealing way. Nobody questions his conservatism. (One caveat, I still don’t think Christie is out; if in fact he’s not, everything in this post is wrong :wink: )

Paul’s libertarian streak makes me very nervous. I don’t know how proactive he would be on social conservative issues or for that matter economic/environmental issues from the perspective of a Catholic (uh, I mean a Catholic that actually listens to the Pope/Bishops on these… :wink: ). I also worry about his lack of foreign experience and willingness to put the US out there in the world when needed. Very odd choice for a Catholic. But I will not deny that he is the lesser of two evils and he will inevitably one way or another steer the country back to the center and to its roots where it desperately needs to go.

Also, the VP would be critical here, because if we go the Paul route, we need to be sure to bring the moderate GOPers along and not let the Tea Party completely drive it. We CANNOT alienate independents, conservative and/or moderate women, blacks, Hispanics, gays, Asians, under 30ers, over 60ers. For VP I would do either Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal in hopes that they would balance the ticket and help Paul in appealing to the above groups.

Remember, we only need to get ENOUGH votes to win.

I know it’s early, but, you heard it here first :D:p !!!


This early on in the election. I think I’ll just vote third party.


Rand’s libertarian streak will protect our religious liberty from radical leftists. Freedom to dissent and live by your values is something libertarians generally favour. He is also pro-life and opposes Roe v Wade, which is always good.


This is a very interesting post and I share many of the concerns here. We do need to have a balanced ticket that will appeal to more than 40-45% of the voters. I think one of the ways to do that is to nominate someone with new ideas such as Bobby Jindal or Rubio. I like the idea of Rand Paul on the ticket - perhaps as vice president. I am less worried about his foreign policy. I think there is too much tendency among Republicans to want to get involved in entanglements abroad - searching for dragons to slay. I heard the Senator Kelly Ayotte has recently suggested helping arm the Ukrainians against the Russians. I just don’t think we have a dog in that fight - as much as I do not like Russia’s saber rattling and provocations. The disagreement is regional, and other than serving as a mediator - in the tradition of Teddy Roosevelt’s mediation for the Russians and Japanese - I don’t think we should get militarily involved. This is not an endorsement of the Democrat foreign policy either, however. We need a foreign policy based on realism and the position of strength - economic and military. And hopefully moral.


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