Cnn 'after jesus' special

Did anyone watch the CNN “After Jesus” special… it insinuated many thigns that really vexed me.

I was wondering if anyone watched it and what their thoughts about it were. I did not like ho they painted the early church as this non-hierarchical, diverse, egalitarian, pro woman organization that was later tainted by men.

All I can say is that it’s all lies. Unfortunately, people will buy it. I just got slammed by an Episcopalian co-worker of mine last Friday… It left a bitter feeling within me… but deep inside I knew he was wrong… I couldn’t do anything due to the situation but bite my tongue.

What we need to do is to study our faith and deepen more. I was definitely caught off guard and I’m not proud of that. I’ll just have to wait for another opportunity to come.

These people have been Protestantized and because of it, they’re kinda had to convince because they think they’re logical/reasonable… and we’re wrong. I think it’s all C&@P.

I caught the last half hour or so of the special, and I got angry over this. I cant understand this secular notion that diversity and dissent is something to be strived for. Diversity from the truth is never a good thing, but thats not what this program would have you believe. I watched something a few months ago called Banned from the Bible on the History Channel. They paint the early heretics as free spirit victims of an opressive movement within the Church. Two opposite view points cant both be true…a statement like the one I just wrote would brand me intolerant and judgmental according to the secular media.The only thing we can learn from shows like these is that you can never trust the secular media to give an accurate portrayal of our church.

My Christmas present to myself this year was to avoid watching any secular trash presented as “religously oriented” specials during the holidays. I usually force myself to watch so that I can keep my eye on the enemy, but this year I just couldn’t bear it.

I have written to CNN so many times that my name must be on a list somewhere in the corporate office. They absolutely REVEL in division and are seemingly incapable of presenting a favorable or even fair program on Christianity.

The History Channel is worse. And they too have heard from me! I can truly understand why so many “Catholics” have jaded opinions of their own Church. I can understand why there is so much confusion among the faithful about the history of our Church. We don’t hear the truth about it from the pulpit, or from our Bishops. We don’t read about it in our Catholic papers. Unless we have been exposed to some orthodox Catholic media, like EWTN, we would never know what books to buy that might give us honest insight into the roots of our faith. Instead, we get this secular slop which is completely agenda-driven and most people will drink it in and never bother to investigate further.

In the last five years I can name only two channels that have presented our Church in a fair and favorable light. A & E broadcast the mini series “God or the Girl”, a documentary written, produced and directed by two Jewish men with no obvious ax to grind. The result was a beautiful and honest portrayal of young Catholic men discerning the priesthood.

The other was, of all things, TLC, which produced a lovely mini series entitiled “The Monastery”. It was a documentary about the Benedictine Monks and the five troubled men who stay with them for one month. It was beautiful and edifying and simply presented the monks as they are.

But that’s a pretty pathetic track record, IMO, for a country that is (according to the most recent poll) 85% Christian.

When I see shows on TV guide that have a questionable title, I try to stay away, but every now and then I need to watch something that will get me passionate about defending the faith. Oh, and to keep an eye on the enemy as well lol :smiley:

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