CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin suspended by New Yorker over alleged nudity on Zoom call

Remember. This is one of the CNN people who have been sanctimoniously “moralizing” to you about President Trump on CNN for years.

Many of the conservatives here I suspect already knew the “moralizing” was
his own psychological projection issues.

I have explained before WHY this
almost HAS TO occur in an abortion-society.

Toobin needs our prayers (and I have prayed for him now too and will more).

But also we do not need Toobin’s or CNN’s politics (or their political moralizing).

Nor do we need political moralizing from Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Chris Matthews, Louis C.K., or a host of other leftists
using their significant international platforms to carry out
moralizing about President Trump’s past (that they disagree with politically) while pushing their political agenda (disguised as that moral outrage).

Their criticisms are founded on manipulating you for political gain. Which is WHY these criticisms are so often ignored against people they agree with politically. (Revenge [i.e. against Weinstein] or political expediency [i.e. Franken] can become exceptions for the leftists.)


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CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin suspended by New Yorker over alleged nudity on Zoom call

The incident is being investigated by the magazine

By Joseph A. Wulfsohn | Fox News

New Yorker suspended staff writer Jeffrey Toobin over an alleged Zoom incident where he exposed his . . .

. . . the magazine is investigating an incident where the genitalia of CNN’s chief legal analyst was seen by members of the New Yorker and WNYC radio during a Zoom call last week.

"Jeffrey Toobin has been suspended while we investigate the matter,” a spokesperson for the New Yorker confirmed to Fox News.

Toobin, one of CNN’s biggest stars, offered an apology for his “embarrassingly stupid mistake” . . .

. . . According to a CNN statement obtained by The Washington Post, "Jeff Toobin has asked for some time off while he deals with a personal issue, which we have granted.” . . .

As distastful as the story is, people need to be aware that people like Toobin have been politically “playing them” regarding their alleged morality concerns.


Keep your computer camera covered!

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He’s already apologized for it, so it happened.

And it wasn’t just an accidental slip, either. Oof.


Jeffrey Toobin Called Andrew Breitbart’s Claims About Anthony Weiner ‘Outrageous’


Lawyer and author Jeffrey Toobin attends the 2018 PEN Literary Gala at the American Museum of Natural History on Tuesday, May 22, 2018, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP


19 Oct 2020

Jeffrey Toobin, the New Yorker legal reporter who was suspended Monday after exposing himself to colleagues on a Zoom call, once said that Andrew Breitbart’s reporting about then-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was “outrageous.”

Toobin, who is also a legal analyst for CNN, appeared on the network and dismissed Breitbart’s reporting. . . .

. . . CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin appeared on the air, right after Andrew Breitbart, to discuss the ongoing “Weinergate” story. Yet Toobin was much more agitated by what just happened on CNN than by anything related to Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Twitter ordeal. . . .

. . . Toobin’s reaction to Breitbart’s appearance on CNN:

“What Andrew Breitbart was insinuating about [Weiner] with young girls and stuff is outrageous. And frankly, it’s too bad that he got to say that stuff on CNN. Look, this is a light-hearted story. This is a silly little thing that happened, it’s not a big deal.” . . .

. . . (Democrat Congressman Anthony) Weiner was eventually forced to resign over a series of online sexual relationships, which he eventually admitted. He later went to federal prison for sending lewd messages to an underage girl.

(Parenthetical above mine.)


Defending illicit things against children is not limited to Toobin. See thread about “Cuties” here at CAF to read more about that phenomenon happening with more regularity today.

He’s been exposing himself as a goof and a fraud of an analyst for years on TV; now they are bothered by him?


Dr_Meinheimer . . .

He’s been exposing himself as a goof and a fraud of an analyst for years on TV; now they are bothered by him?

Someone in the comments section wryly said if Toobin would have done this on-air at CNN,
nobody would have seen it
and he would not have been suspended.


Dr_Meinheimer knows this as do most readers here, but
it was a hyperbolic way of knocking CNN’s low audience figures.
I have posted about those tiny CNN viewership audiences here before. (It was not to be taken literally.)

Maybe CNN’s numbers are better now. I don’t know.
Without CNN’s airport gig, their numbers would probably be worse.

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This would make a great SNL skit but I bet they won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.


Exposing himself… heh.


It kills me that CNN for one presented this in a headline as Toobin “accidentally exposed himself” like he happened to forget to zip his pants or something minor like that, when it’s quite clear from articles in The Cut, Vice, NYPost, Daily Beast, The Guardian, Fox News, and other sources (I won’t post them but you can easily search on the Internet) that there was reportedly more going on than just an accidental flash of his junk.


I think the MSM are losing it, knowing the decreasing importance they have nowadays with intelligent ‘consumers’.

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I suspect there has been a lot of projection going on in politics regarding moral posturing over the last 4 years.


And let us not forget that he was likely the catalyst for Blasey-Ford’s attacks on Kavanaugh.

And cited as the voice of clarity in Trump’s impeachment.

His concern about a “chilling effect” now seems satirical rather than insightful.

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2 hours ago

Ex-CNN producer details Jeffrey Toobin’s past, says masturbation scandal should be taken ‘seriously’

Steve Krakauer details previous allegations made against the CNN pundit

By Brian Flood

Former CNN digital producer Steve Krakauer feels allegations that CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin . . . should be taken “seriously” and laid out a timeline of alleged wrongdoings by his former colleague.

. . . Toobin – who is a staff writer for The New Yorker in addition to his CNN duties – was allegedly caught masturbating during a Zoom meeting in front of several staffers … He was swiftly suspended by The New Yorker, while CNN has downplayed the incident and said they are granting him some time off. . . .

… Krakauer, who now edits the Fourth Watch media newsletter, explained that Toobin has been accused of disturbing acts in the past, too…

. . . “Toobin has been granted many chances, . . . during this #MeToo movement of the past several years. Except Toobin has… quite a past, as detailed here in this blog and in a thread I put together two years ago,” Krakauer wrote, linking to both.

“In 2008, Toobin, who is married, had an affair with another lawyer, Casey Greenfield (who happens to be the daughter of longtime political analyst Jeff Greenfield) and they got pregnant. Toobin tried to get Greenfield to have an abortion, according to the New York Daily News,” Krakauer wrote.

“When Greenfield refused to have an abortion, Toobin refused to have a DNA test until after the son was born, and then refused to pay his full child support until her lawyer forced the issue,"…

Indeed, the New York tabloid reported in 2010 that Toobin offered his mistress cash in exchange for an abortion and refused a DNA test until lawyers got involved. . .

“Toobin was accused in 2010 of whispering ‘disgusting’ things to a prominent woman, then following her to her hotel room . . . leaving her ‘vile’ and ‘sick’ messages in the days after,” Krakauer wrote. “Want more details . .

Gawker cited a “tipster who asked to remain anonymous” and detailed what the Daily News couldn’t print. Krakauer then cited a 2015 New York Post story in which a woman . .

“This, the same Jeffrey Toobin who, in recent years, has added moralizing anti-Trump pundit to his previous legal analysis for CNN,” Krakauer wrote. “maybe instead of laughing at or dismissing the Zoom masturbation incident, someone should… take it seriously?”

CNN did not immediately respond to a request . . .

More CNN FAKE news. This one is FAKE by omission.

“Imagine a news org framing the Toobin scandal this way (saying he was ‘sidelined’ for an ‘accident,’ not suspended for sexual misconduct), and then ask yourself if you’d believe anything else that news org reported. Anything at all. You would not, and should not,” The Federalist political editor John Daniel Davidson similarly expressed.


Brian Stelter mocked for calling CNN colleague Jeffrey Toobin’s masturbation scandal an ‘accident’

Stelter omitted report that the CNN star was seen masturbating on Zoom call with New Yorker colleagues

By Joseph A. Wulfsohn | Fox News

CNN’s go-to media reporter Brian Stelter has been widely criticized for not offering up the full story about his network colleague Jeffrey Toobin, who was swept up in a Zoom masturbation scandal Monday. . . .

. . . Stelter, however, offered a peculiar description of the alleged self-pleasuring.

"Jeffrey Toobin has been sidelined at a pivotal moment in the run-up to the presidential election. . . .

. . . Neither the CNN article nor Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” nightly media newsletter mentioned the fact that Toobin was accused of masturbating on the Zoom call.

Critics piled on Stelter, who is widely known as the media’s “hall monitor,” for his failed attempt to summarize the CNN controversy.

“Dude, the only ‘accident’ was that he got caught. You don’t ‘accidentally’ start … during a video chat,” Daily Wire senior editor Emily Zanotti told Stelter.

“This is not satire. Repeat… THIS IS NOT SATIRE,” National Review contributor Pradheep Shanker warned his Twitter followers. . . .

. . . “Imagine a news org framing the Toobin scandal this way (saying he was ‘sidelined’ for an ‘accident,’ not suspended for sexual misconduct), and then ask yourself if you’d believe anything else that news org reported. Anything at all. You would not, and should not,” The Federalist political editor John Daniel Davidson similarly expressed.

“I appreciate your clarifying ‘OUR full story’, which tacitly acknowledges that CNN is not giving its readers the TRUE story. Namely that one of its chief legal analysts was masturbating on a live Zoom call with women present,” said “Louder with Crowder” host Steven Crowder, calling out Stelter’s masturbation omission. . . .

Dunno about “alleged”. The actual video snippet from the Zoom call can be found on Twitter if it hasn’t already been censored yet. I won’t link to it as it’s definitely NSFW stuff not to mention NSFC.

Anyway, this is no more than another example of a progressive who is so far gone into the depravity of the progressive causes that they can really lose their sense of shame over conduct the rest of us consider reprehensible. Not to mention his cohorts in the media who are defending him. I mean what mentality is there for a man to unzip in front of a business-oriented Zoom meeting to begin with? I cannot begin to imagine that. Sometimes a progressive’s truth is stranger to me than fiction.


I remember who Toobin is.

He wrote an article about Roger Stone for the New Yorker years ago.

There are just too many licentious and lascivious people out there.

Two words: Cardinal O’Brien.

It’s not only “progressives” who can descend into depravity. Hard conservatives can too. O’Brien is proof. And he’s not alone. What’s worse, he was a Prince of the Church.

We are a fallen species. All of us, left, right or in the middle.


Toobin doesn’t have to worry about his future - probably. Like the adulterous Peter Strzok he can get a job at a a prestigeous University …even a Catholic University like Georgetown. GU it seems likes people with depraved adulterous backgrounds. Perhaps GU will hire the Zoom call masturbator - though I hope not but they hired Strzok :roll_eyes: - it is such a 21st century high tech public sin … Toobin’s class would fill in no time… And as a Lib/Left he doesn’t need forgiveness or decades to recover …he is golden …disgrace never follows…

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His current lapse might be overlooked, but there’s MeToo allegations coming out about him, and universities are unlikely to want to deal with that.

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Yeah I think the “#metoo” movement lost credibility when Biden got away with it … it’s not that important anymore at least not to the left and they run higher ed. Obviously very recent adultery is not important as evidenced by the hiring of Peter Strzok.

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