CNN Apologizes to Trump After Crew Caught Joking About His Plane Crashing


In other news, people have called trumps 10year old son Barron autistic. THe meanness of the left keeps on giving.

If they want to apologize, they can resign for it.

Imagine if this were footage of Fox News making this same ‘joke’ about Obama … the howls of indignation would be deafening.

However, in this case, (CNN/Trump) it will be a mere ‘blip’ on the radar. :rolleyes:

It’s not people on the “left” who have “called” him autistic.
The person who instigated the question of whether he is autistic or not has autism himself and intended their video to be an anti-bullying video put together after people were making fun of Barron yawning and looking bored on election night.
I saw it and it was sensitively done and not mean-spirited at all. Did you see it?
His motive was to educate and be kind. Even Rosie O’Donnell’s motive was meant to be good, as her child is autistic as well, and there was nothing meanly worded about her Twitter post…quite the opposite.

The person who made the video did not offer their political affiliation, that I can see.

Both apologized immediately and publicly–and so has CNN–and that means they are bigger people than the president-elect, who has not apologized for his own “meanness” after the many horrible things he has said about people all year.
Not once.

What other members of the Democratic party (I assume that is what you mean by “the left”) have “called” Barron autistic?
I didn’t see any quotes by anyone else. Can you cite your sources?


Ha ha - Rosie O’Donnell being nice to Trump. That really takes the cake!!:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:::

She was not nice to Trump but to his son is what I believe DG was saying.

Then why did she apologize? Who the heck asks anybody to be concerned about Barron being autistic? It’s all insinuation and nothing more. Such meanness is tolerated from the left as long as its done politely.

CNN, keeping it classy as always! :rolleyes:

What I would like to know,is why a nine year old boy,yawning and seemingly uncomfortable on the national stage is considered a reason for concern? Poor little guy was probably tired and wanted to go to bed.

I don’t know anything about Rosie O’Donnell in relation to what she may have said about Barron Trump. I’m just trying to explain what I think DG meant by her statement. To me, the whole incident regarding her statement about Trump’s son sounds like fodder for the sensationalist-seeking rags.

With regard to CNN, of course an apology was in order, and they did apologize. Whether firing is also called for is up to the manager of CNN, as well as public pressure.

I wouldn’t blame “the left” en masse for this incident, anymore than I would blame “the right” for being in sympathy with white supremacist advocates.

I don’t know if he’s autistic or not, but to me he looked like an 11 year old that would be normally bored. And I don’t see any of the media questioning for example why neither of the President’s daughters were present when the Christmas tree was delivered, or of some of the reports of one of them who may have smoked marijuana.

As for Trump, he did apologize for his remarks about Ted Cruzs wife, but I haven’t heard Hillary apologize for calling Trump voters deplorable,etc. also she never apologized for her campaigns anti Catholic remarks. At the least these people including Mr. Pedestta should been fired.

Because you brought up Barron, In a thread about his Dad. CNN personnel made a terrible joke about Donald. CNN did not make a joke about Barron. There was a video questioning whether he had autism. Rosie O’Donnell then wondered if Barron was actually autistic, because it would be to shed light on the condition.

The two topics are not related.

I brought up Barron to show how mean the left is. Both topics show the same meanness.

This part is not true. Trump did apologize once at one campaign speech… He said he was sorry if he offended anybody.

Why did she apologize? For the most common reason people do so; she realized she hurt their feelings.
Did you actually see the video, tweets, and apologies that you are commenting on?

Rosie’s tweet came about after that anti-bullying video on Barron, showing movements and gestures akin to autism, went viral and she saw it.
She tweeted:

“Barron Trump Autistic? If so — what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic,”

While her post was somewhat irresponsible, it was not terribly mean-spirited. Especially because Rosie’s 3-year-old daughter, she explained, had just been diagnosed with autism…and Trump had recently talked quite passionately about children and autism. So it all seemed to fit.
After Melania complained, Rosie tweeted:

“I apologize to @melaniatrump - i was insensitive in my RT - i am sorry for the pain i caused - it was not my intent - i am truly sorry,”
“when i saw the anti-bullying video that mentioned barron it spoke to the symptoms many ASD kids have … 1 in 55 kids is an epidemic/ donald and i agree on that and not much else,”

I don’t know where you see cruelty here. Her sincere apology does not seem like something to ROFL about.


:thumbsup: It was like 3:00 am, right???

Yes, thanks for trying to clarify, MB.



For all I know, Rosie probably was wishing Barron was autistic, just as the CNN anchor was wishing Trump’s plane would crash, just as the media right now is wishing China would go to war with us because of Trump’s call with Taiwan. The same meanness.

The left are bitter hateful persons. They preach tolerance and show hatred when they don’t get their way.

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