CNN attack on ABC anchor David Muir's Trump interview draws criticism: 'What CNN wants is partisanship'

Um, can CNN get any worse?


Sure, they can start pandering to the president and make policy for him to impose to meet their political agenda, like FOX!

I just read a Fox piece. Not CNN.

This. :rofl:
Fox has a “news” piece not on the interview but comment about the interviewers, opening with comment about how the dullness of the CNN personnel and low ratings of the show.

When they finally do get around to something about the interview in question, they note:

“Here’s an example: Muir asked Trump whether Americans will have access to testing as they head back to work. Trump said ‘they should have no problem’ an answer Muir simply accepted,” Darcy wrote. “Trump then bashed President Obama, claiming that he had inherited ‘broken tests’ from him. Muir didn’t push back on this falsehood, only asking Trump what he had done during his term to stock the shelves.”

Well. I think that most anyone but the trump-blind would have an issue with this manner of interview. The President has repeatedly spoken falsely on the availability of tests, so some follow-up on the this bals assertion was in order, as a matter fo duty to the listening public. Likewise, a follow-up on the curious deflection to Obama. There is an obvious reason why SARS_CoV-2 tests had not been stockpiled by Obama, why not point that out to listeners?

ABC let the American public down. CNN was right to point that out. And FOX is a joke.

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Let’s face it. To Fox what you describe is exemplary Trump interviewing technique. Not to some, like Wallace perhaps, but overall definitely. ( Trump wouldn’t sit down with Wallace in a million years, and if he did there would be nothing but smoke screens and avoidance via insults and the like)

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