CNN avoids strong jobs report, Ghislaine Maxwell arrest during primetime

Hidden agenda?

From the comments section:



I wonder if anyone on the CNN exec board have taken a plane ride with their friend Jeff

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Pretty sure everyone did… liberals and conservatives alike. Trump and Clinton and everyone in between were buddy buddy with that man. And I’m sure many, though not all, of them, liberals and conservatives alike, committed diabolical sexual sins at his private parties.

118 days…tick tock!

The Abc anchor admitted that Buckingham Palace tried to kill the story years ago, I’m sure CNN also has a similar story like that.

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If it bleeds, it leads.

trump ghisale

seems someone was photo’d with her more than once…

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Haha, and look at Fox News, awkwardly cropping Trump out of the photos:

I guess they didn’t feel bad enough about getting caught manipulating the photos of the Seattle protests to stop manipulating photos.

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So let me get this straight - this “news” story about news stories is considered news? Methinks the OP watches too much FOX. You do know they are a competitor to CNN, don’t you? I mean, corporate competitors attack rivals all the time. This is not news. It is a commercial.


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