The new National Enquirer

It’s a shame when a news source turns away from news and panders to the inane, the novel and the purely celebrity, along with the shocking.

Today, a poll is running on asking if the Malawi legal system did the right thing by denying Madonna an adoption. I’m sure everyone pulled out their multi-volume set of Malawi Jurisprudence and examined the relevant sections.

In the so-called Information Age, too much junk is being used to fill time and bandwith. It’s like buying a box of cereal for its content and finding 20% actual cereal and a sock.

Which is why I’m switching to foreign news sources like the BBC. At least there is an obvious commitment to presenting actual news.


I’m not sure that the fault lies with US news organizations (although there is plenty to be faulted) so much as it lies with for-profit news organizations. To make money they have to attract a wide audience, and this involves some pandering to schlocky interests.

Government supported news organizations such as the BBC or NPR are, to a greater degree, freed from this necessity.

I pretty much just read the newspaper now, that way I can pick and choose what news items I read and side-step the celebrity gossip gunk

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