CNN covering Pope Benedict's last Angelus

They covered it live in my time zone (5 am Central Time) about ten minutes ago. It was beautiful. They said they will return to Rome throughout the day.

It might also be mentioned on their website,

I wish I caught it. Thanks for sharing.

They were able to keep the coverage positive? :bigyikes:

Well, after the Angelus, they switched to other stories, and then they brought up Church scandals again later, but for those ten minutes or so, yes, it was positive. CNN covered it with no commentary. I don’t get EWTN so I’m glad I saw it on CNN. I had never heard an Angelus before and it was so beautiful.

You can watch EWTN live online for free at a site called, its at the chat at that site, God bless

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

That’s great, I don’t have cable or sattelite so, this is good news so I can catch this on the net!


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