CNN crew arrested on live TV covering Minneapolis riots

Wow…police keep screwing this up…


Journalists love getting arrested while covering a story. Especially if there’s photos and videos of the arrest.


Sure. :roll_eyes:
Josh Campbel must have been disapointed.

CNN’s Josh Campbell, who also was in the area but not standing with the on-air crew, said he, too, was approached by police, but was allowed to remain.

“I identified myself … they said, ‘OK, you’re permitted to be in the area,’” recounted Campbell, who is white. “I was treated much differently than (Jimenez) was.”

Jimenez is black and Latino. Kirkos is white, and Mendez is Hispanic.

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If the others hadn’t been arrested, he wouldn’t have been able to make that point.

That’s right: if there were no invidious discrimination, then there would no invidious disriiation.
That is tautological. Is there a point?

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We already knew there was likely discrimination or they wouldn’t have been there covering the story.

My point is simply that journalists live for this kind of stuff. It makes their stories more dramatic and gives them an exclusive. If they showed up and everybody was nice to them and never arrested them or yelled at them, their stories would be boring and they wouldn’t get as much attention as they do when they get to play Crusading Journalist vs. the System.


I suspect that they hunger and thirst after righteousness sake.

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According to CNN, the report they were filing and filming for was actually on how well the city was responding the protests. There was no reason for the city to arrest them. The city just screwed up, like Boatswain2PA said.


I think you are painting journalists with an awfully wide brush…even in this case, the arrested reporter acted professionally without attempting to make his predicament the story.

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Yep, because he not whitish?

Yep…however…lighting a match to check the level in a gas tank is “just” a screw up too…at this point, there is scant room for screw ups.

Awesome post!
I snorted milk out my nose :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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