CNN Fact Checks Biden On Fracking: “False For Biden To Say That He Never Said He Opposed Fracking”

Even CNN got it right here on Biden lying about the energy fracking Biden wants to do away with (but now he is attempting to fool the voters and say he gives [limited] support to frack+That He Never Said He Opposed Fracking”2

And after all, aside from Biden clains to cure cancer (that I was dissapointed the leftist moderator neglected to bring up) WHY have ANY fracking if the world is going to end as we know it?

If life the way we know it is gone in about 6 ir 7 more years as the leftist warmists have assured up), now as their timeclock dropps down closed to prediction time, the prediction sure seems less bold.



Makes sense. I can recall in a video making its way around chat sights Biden saying he would end fracking. I read this also this morning ~


…And yet there was one moment that may be very damaging to Biden. Trump accused him of wanting to ban fracking — a key industry in the key swing states of Pennsylvania and Ohio in particular — and Biden not only said he had never done so, he challenged Trump to find the evidence and put it on Trump’s Web site.

That evidence exists. There was an exchange between Biden and a voter in New Hampshire in January 2020. The voter asked him, “What about, say, stopping fracking?” And Biden responded, “yes.”

This is the kind of thing Trump can make a killer commercial about and run in Pennsylvania 10 times a day until the election. Biden’s leading there, but it’s close, and if Trump wins it, he can win the election…


As per your request, Joe…


Well, since you approve of CNN’s fact-checking now:

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What this uncovers is that Joe Biden is good at lying with a straight face.

This, in addition to the millions of jobs that would be lost with the elimination of fracking and near-elimination of oil and gas.


1cthlctrth . . .

What this uncovers is that Joe Biden is good at lying with a straight face.

Yeah. He is either lying to this woman below or to the American people (or he is so confused, he isn’t thinking straight).


I think of a Count Dracula motif
when I see Joe Biden tell a woman to
"Look in my eyes" (and get grabby with her hand)
and say anything.

Here is “the Count” himself (from @Caldera’s link above) . . . .

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I recall in the primary debates Biden said he was not opposed to fracking. Either he was lying then or he changed his mind since or he doesn’t know what fracking is. Probably the latter.

Apart from this, since when do you trust what CNN says?

With regard to your first comment, Biden has that much in common with Trump.

Like what? Please be specific. Thanks.

Biden clearly said he never opposed fracking, not that he’d changed his mind. He asked Trump to refute it by posting the video (already shared here). So Biden lied or just has dementia.

I don’t trust CNN, but am shocked they bothered to run this fact check which undercuts Biden. They had no choice to rule this way given the evidence.


Biden lies a lot, like about being arrested in South Africa helping Mandela (totally made up falsehood), graduating at the top of his college class (he was near the bottom), or being a professor at Pennsylvania.

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Theo520 . . .

So Biden lied or just has dementia.

Or both.


Joe Biden Promises Environmentalist: ‘Look into My Eyes; I Guarantee You, We Are Going to End Fossil Fuel’

ROCK HILL, SC - AUGUST 29: Democratic presidential candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden addresses a crowd at a town hall event at Clinton College on August 29, 2019 in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Biden has spentWednesday and Thursday campaigning in the early primary state. (Photo by Sean …

Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden (D) told a concerned activist in New Hampshire Friday that he guarantees that “we are going to end fossil fuel.”

Biden took questions from a group in New Castle, New Hampshire, Friday. One woman associated with the environmental group 350 New Hampshire Action, Rebecca Beaulieu, asked Biden how voters can trust him if he continues to associate himself with fossil fuel executives.

“How can we trust that you’re going to act on climate — on the climate crisis — if you’re still attending fundraisers that fossil fuel executives are attending?” Beaulieu asked, according to the Daily Mail .

Video shows Biden walking over to the woman, taking her hand, and making a solemn promise to “end fossil fuel … before 2050, God willing.”

“Kiddo, I want you to just take a look. I want you to look into my eyes,” Biden began.

“I guarantee you, I guarantee you, we are going to end fossil fuel, and I am not going to cooperate with them.

No wonder they need to cheat in PA. Cannot memory hole those past remarks. Everyone who works in the PA energy industry knows this and they are voting accordingly.

Own goal.


Fracking is a way of extracting natural gas from the ground using a horizontal drilling process that pumps water, sand and chemicals into the ground, fracturing rocks and releasing natural gas.

Her position is similar to that of Biden’s. During a Democratic Party presidential debate on the topic, he said there would be “no more, no new fracking,” under his administration if he is elected.

Harris seems to take it a step further. When she was in the running as a possible presidential candidate for the Democrat Party, she said she would support a fracking ban during a CNN presidential town hall.

“There’s no question, I’m in favor of banning fracking,” Harris said.

If Biden and Harris ban fracking, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Energy Institute estimates 19 million Americans jobs would be eliminated between 2021-2025. In addition to losing jobs, the GDP would be reduced by $7.1 trillion.

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