CNN Ignores 1/4 Million Protesters

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The 36th annual March for Life is taking place today, the 22nd of January, in Washington DC. Roughly 250,000 PEOPLE HAVE TRAVELED FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD to protest the slaughter of 4,000 human lives each day in the United States. And yet for some reason, CNN finds this utterly un-report-worthy. Go on over to and read the headlines:
*] Mitchell makes experienced Mideast envoy
*] Democrats not in lockstep with Obama
*] Death rate for area’s trees doubles in 17 years 23 min
*] Obama signs executive order to close Gitmo
*] Time: Kennedy’s exit upsets uncle’s camp
*] Ticker: Cheney upset with Bush decision
*] Killer decapitates Va. Tech student, police say
*] Tot’s body had heart sticker on her mouth
*] Freezing woman ‘felt my soul leaving’
*] Deliver pizzas, wife tells laid-off hubby 23 min
*] Commentary: Pregnancies that end in heartache
*] I hope Obama ‘fails,’ Limbaugh says
*] ‘Button’ hooks 13 Oscar nominations 23 min
*] McCain’s daughter digs Michelle’s dress
*] What is virginity worth today?
*] Show us your vintage Macs
*]CNN Wire: Delay sought in case of detained[/LIST] A wife tells her husband to deliver pizzas! McCain’s daughter likes Michelle Obama’s Dress! Stop the presses! But a quarter of a million people fill the streets protesting something they view as heinous as the holocaust and…nothing. Silence. Static.

To put that in context, the “Million Man March” which happened a few years back only actually drew in about 400,000 people according to the United States Park Police (Source)

Meanwhile, year after year, a group this size has flooded the streets of D.C. and…been ignored. Way to report unbaisedly, CNN.

Good job CNN. Way to tip your cards.

However, we can fight back. CNN allows the general republic to submit IReports, which are reports made by individuals. So, if you want to fight the forced silence of the media, submit one. This is utterly irresponsible journalism. Fight it! Get Justice!
More on why this is so important.

Over in the Catholic News forum, folks are complaining that none of the television networks covered the march. Why are you singling out CNN?

CNN holds it’s self out to be the the news industry standard. If they had covered the story, all of the other copy cat news organizations would have also reported on it too. They are all too busy praising the new high King Obama.

It is not surprising! They don’t want to offend the culture of death and perhaps it seemed oxymoric to them to show a march for life when they have advertisements for birthcontrol, etc. I am not just talking about CNN, but most television agencies. It is contrary to the money making market and of course to tv is a money making market. They are too busy trying to reach their target audience and their target audience doesn’t seem to care too much about life or moral issues. That means if their audience changes the channel they lose ratings and if that happens they lose money and the end of the world will come:p . They can’t have that now can they;) .

It was the same concept for World Youth Day, many of the secular media wanted nothing to do with it.


Yup. No media bias here.

I’m sure if there were 100,000 people protesting Prop 8, they’d have 200 reporters there.

I just saw it on Foxnews during primetime today, (either the 5pm or 6pm show, cenral time). So much for that theory.

Did anyone really expect CNN to cover the March for Life?

I know I did not, but I never watch that network anyway.

Fr. Jonathan at Fox News on why the March for Life received no coverage:

The sad truth is…

The media, like everything else in this country, has been capitalized. They report what they think people want to hear about, what they feel matters most to the general public. If you look at the polls and the ratings, abortion is not the most pressing issue in the minds of the majority of Americans.

Plus, I think because the March for Life happens every year at roughly the same time, it doesn’t really qualify as "news." Generally, stuff that makes it into the news isn’t really a “calender event.” If you know what I mean. The Walk for Life happens every year, just like different walks that are held for cancer and such.

Bottom line, if the majority of the people in this country made it clear this is something they really care about, maybe The Walk for Life would have recieved some attention. Yes there are people out there who are passionately pro-life, but there are also a lot of people who just preach to their friends about abortion, and leave it at that. And then there are all those who say “It’s not something I would do, but I would never force that on someone else.”

The point is, what matters most to everyone is the war in Gaza, the most recent state of the economy, how all these newly elected officials are going to interact, etc; not (sorry to put it this way) “that same old topic the same people have been talking about for the last thirty years that has remained relatively unchanged.”

The cold reality.

While there we found an article on Yahoo and Fox. I sent and email earlier today expressing my displeasure at the articles they had and did not run anything on the Pro Life Rally. I deleted CNN from my favorites, no more.

Even 100 would be news.

It will take something jarring such as an excommunication of a sitting vice-president. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen, because the bishops do not wish to lose their stranding with the Establishment. One of Bush’s problem was that even though he was the product of the Iavy League, he refused to act as one of them. Onama is a pure establishment type, and we are stuck with the Best and Brightest types who last dominated the government under Kennedy.

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