CNN is dying.

They are only average about 50k viewers in the 25-49 demographic. They have fallen a long way in the last 7 years. it shouldn’t be long before the channel is changed to another purpose. The old CNN HLN channel is changing to variety and cartoons.

CNN isn’t dying, they chose to commit suicide.

Praise the Lord. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, even print magazines and newspapers like Time who for years had a monopoly on the news is dying a slow death. I think there are many factors but the main reasons are that intelligent clear thinking people have other mediums they can turn to for information and truth. The Internet for one, even bloggers who don’t have to write what biased news editors force them to have to write.

They have also lost a lot of credibility with their readers and audience. News reporting decades ago didn’t inject sensationlism in the story. The reporters didn’t make themselves part of what they were reporting. Because of profits and because news organizations had to compete for advertising dollars like they never had to in the past, they basically sold out, went a long with the reality tv addicted, tabloid trash storylines and they’re finally paying the price for it.

Very few media sources are friendly to the Catholic Church, and that’s why I smirk when NBC and Time get bought out and put up for sale :smiley: Now there’s one more major enemy that has to be exposed and defeated. This is the big dragon that has to be slayed. That is the AP and Reuters. The media pool, or shall I say cesspool
where all big news organizations extract their news content. These two organizations is a fine tuned propaganda machine that will systematically destroy anything in its path. It will preach everything against what the Church teaches. If and when the stranglehold those two organizations have on media and institutionalized brainwashing ceases. Then we as God fearing Catholics and Christians can claim victory :thumbsup:

I know. HLN (also under its previous names) used to be my go-to channel for catching up on news any time of the day. Now – not so much. Way not so much.

Funny… I haven’t watched CNN in ages! I think the last time I had it on for more than five minutes was May 1, 2011 when Bin Laden was killed.

I don’t even read the newspapers anymore, because nobody seems capable of reporting only the facts; and instst on interjecting opinion. That’s NOT the way to report news.

Thank God for that. Maybe someone will come in to replace them who actually, I dunno, reports the news, rather than being a public relations firm the liberals.

Where do you go when you want the news?

My favorite and regular source is the BBC News online.

I still watch HLN in the mornings when I am off work. Robin Meade is hot. :smiley:

rfournier - I really enjoy reading the Wall Street Journal. It covers everything from A to Z and I feel it is fairly balanced.

I highly recommend it. And Catholic radio, of course! :slight_smile:


And she can sing, too!

Yes, I also watch HLN in the mornings, because that’s about the only time they actually do news.

She IS easy on the eyes, isn’t she? Not hot enough to get me to watch, though. :frowning:

I’ll have to check out WSJ. Thanks for the recommendation!

Catholic radio is a Godsend. Luckily for me there’s a good radio station that hasn’t sold out to opinion and pandering… WBZ 1030 AM in Boston is the LAST truly objective news source in Massachusetts. I think they’re fantastic. WBZ has been around for a zillion years, and I think they remain so successful is because they have stuck to the tried and true formula of “who, what, where, why, when, and how” - plus objectivity. They have call-in talk shows later at night; but you KNOW going in that the host and/or his guest will have an opinion. I can live with that as long as news reporting remains just that: REPORTING. Not OPINING.

Agree with Lax here. Worked overseas in a former European colony that went Marxist while I was there, and the report of the WSJ was most objective and balanced, and mostly devoid of any ideology. I would say the WSJ is based on free market.

An additional thought, John Paul II came out after several years in his pontificate, and his ongoing pilgrimages to many places in the world, came to his personal conclusion that the best society was that of a free market and a strong moral voice.

Working hard to tell the truth always works for unity and reconciliation among people…and reflects a strong work ethic.

The problem is, the “truth” is nothing more than what you want to believe is true. Liberals believe CNN reports the “truth” and conservatives believe that Fox News reports the “truth.”

The best thing to do is get your news from a variety of sources, sift through it all, and hopefully come to a reasonable assessment.

Indeed she can. I have one of her albums.

Hopefully what ever they are dying from will spread the same terminal events to FOX!

Turning to the Internet for truth? Information, yes; but insofar as truth is concerned, one must be discerning, especially on the Internet.

Am I really reading a thread on CAF where male members are discussing the “hotness” of a female TV news anchor? Really?

Yes. Yes you are. :smiley:

Okaaay. I don’t see anything funny about that, really.

CNN is starting to feel like a network anchored by journalism majors who were within two points of failing out every term but still graduated.

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