CNN Overtakes MSNBC in July as Ratings Take a Hit - Fox News Channel is the only cable news net to see growth from 2013


In primetime and total day, CNN, MSNBC and HLN all were off double digits in the targeted demographic compared to a year ago. FNC, which easily retains the top slot, had the benefit of being up a tick (2 percent) in primetime for an average 299,000 adults 25-54.

At one time I was a channel flippin’ news junkie that watched them all. Apparently, over time, I am not alone in developing a preference for the “fair and balanced” network. Even though I sometimes get mad at Fox too.

Certain news events, like the Papal selection, the major parties’ conventions and the annual Pro-Life March in Washington have been almost totally ignored by the MSM and the other cable stations while Fox gives them the decent coverage these important events deserve IMO.

I WAS surprised that the news commentary show “The Five” has passed up “Spongebob Squarepants” for highest cable ratings of all though.

Yes, there are 7 people in “The Five’s” publicity shot. But only five appear on camera at one time. So I find it less annoying than that there are 12 teams in the Big 10 Conference and 10 teams in the Big 12 Conference or that Dallas is in the NFC East while St. Louis (east of Dallas) is in the NFC West!

At 5 p.m., FNC’s The Five hit its third month at No. 1 among total viewers across all of cable — beating Nickelodeon’s longtime vet and kid-pleaser SpongeBob SquarePants.

And in the evening, Rachel Maddow was only marginally improved from her lowest month ever in June, averaging 181,000 viewers in the key demo. (FNC’s Megyn Kelly, by contrast, enjoyed her second-highest-rated month since launch with an especially strong 386,000 adults 25-54.)


Airport radar has better ratings than CNN and MSNBC! :smiley:


This is good news. Decades ago it was just 3 major networks and radio, then cable came along and chipped away at their monopoly and bias. Now cable news is being kept honest by internet news and independent sources. The next phase is social media and ordinary people with smartphones sharing unedited video.

There is still one final barrier that needs to be cleared for news to really be balanced, fair and diverse when reporting. The pool reporting of Reuters and AP have to be kept in check. Many of the distortions and one sided reporting starts at the top and trickles down. So whether it’s NYT, Yahoo, your local paper, if all these individual news organizations draw their information from a small pool, you will usually only get 1/2 the truth or one side of the story.


They’re all trash. If you lock into one, whether CNBC, CNN, of FOX, you might as well just listen to the Press Secretary of one party or another.

All of them, not just FOX, go by the same motto…and its not “We report, you decide,” it’s “We distort, you decide”.

Cable news is for the lazy, who want to be spoon fed what they want to feel, not what they want to know.


I may get hammered for saying this, but I think it was better before the FCC allowed such a political bent to become “news.”
At least they TRIED to stay somewhat unbiased.
Somebody realized that if you get a political base dedicated to your channel, and then you say things to fire them up, they make a lot of money.

News is basically dead in the US


I would agree with you in the main, but I feel it’s not quite dead, even on TV. I have quit watching, off and one, throughout my adult life. I have subscribed to newspapers and various magazines. Perhaps the big difference between Fox and the others is that Fox actually has segments of “straight news”. It’s true that their “commentator” portions constitute a very large percentage of their fare; much more than the “straight news” parts. But if one simply wants to know, factually, what happened today, the straight news segments tell it without comment.

On other networks, the purported “straight news” is spun leftward without acknowlegment. That’s the difference, and undoubtedly it’s the reason why Fox is growing and the others aren’t.

One used to be able to read a newspaper or an information-oriented magazine without being subjected to the irritating propagandizing. Not any more. So where is one to go in order to simply know the events of the day? For me, it’s the “straight news” segments of Fox, on a daily basis, at least. I only wish they were longer.

Now, when it comes to “The Five” or some of the other “opinion” portions, I do appreciate seeing liberals duke it out with conservatives. It can be informational when they both resist simply spewing their respective “talking points”. A good moderator can cut down on that, and some do.


This seems to be an advertisement for Fox.


Well, they do have the best live car chase coverage hands down. I’ve kind of developed a theory over the past few election cycles. That one can predict how elections will go based solely on which news channel gets the most viewers. The “theory” behind this theory was that as people seem to watch the channel that tells them what they want to hear. It’s simple to see how the election will go. So, if this theory holds then the smart money will be on the GOP.

God help us all.



In my opinion, there is about as much “straight news” on Fox as there is on MSNBC.

I don’t think there is such a thing as straight news on American networks anymore.


I agree. Even financial networks like Bloomberg have become so polluted with politics and the goings on with the Fed they can’t report without some bias.


^^^ This


Rest assured, we have the same problem in the UK.


Financial news does contain some political aspect, but only at the margin. Market movements, acquisitions, earnings reports, volumes, housing numbers and Fed actions are all just objective information. Now, the “how come” can be politicized, but most of the information can’t be.


Cable news is less news and more entertainment. There isn’t much of a difference in format between The Five and The View. CNN has utterly failed to entertain. MSNBC is better but they’re competing for the same liberal audience as Comedy Central and HBO which are far more entertaining.


Well … it is a headline reporting results:

favorable to Fox,

somewhat (but less) favorable to CNN which has moved up in the ratings but is still very low,

and not so favorable to once much more formidable MSNBC.

Sometimes a headline and subheadline is all a reader reads - and I’ll admit that a headline tends to channel readers’ perceptions about how to view what comes later in some way or another. I am a Journalist who has been “victimized” by a headline writers’ “spin” (perhaps unintentional on that writers’ part :confused: - but still damaging to the story that ran with MY byline and to my professional detriment at the time IMO). :mad:

As I peruse the headline lists of stories even here at CAF Forums … they can sometimes “seem to be (de facto) advertisements” for things like “the homosexual agenda” < (i.e. certain activist political, radical movements - particularly the stories where such groups are plaintiffs in lawsuits against churches, schoolls, hospitals and cities).

But whatever headline tops the approved for discussion article is what must be posted per the rules here.

I do prefer to post on those stories that have either a headline I agree with … or bitterly oppose … to stories with more … calm labels. :hmmm:

Your post has caused me to admit that … and I may adjust my behavior a bit in the future.

Or barring that … at least being more aware of such than I have been. So … Thank you.:slight_smile:


Thank goodness for Fox news!!! Can you imagine if we only had CNN, MSNBC, HLN, NBC, or CBS to get our news from?

It would be like getting your news from New York Times, Newsweek or Time magazine.

How did journalism become so biased and liberal?


Prior to the demise of the so called “fairness doctrine” we were fed a steady diet of Liberal talking points disguised as “news”. The reason Fox news is so popular is they do present both sides of the issue. Where is the MSNBC or CNN counterparts to Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Krisitn Powers, James Carville, Geraldo Rivera,Lanny Davis, Moria Liason,Alan Colmes just toname a few of the Liberal Commentators who appear regularly on Fox. On the other Networks their idea of balance is to have one person who believes Conservatives are misguided fools debating a person who believes conservatives are the spawn of Satan.


:thumbsup: That is quite a lineup of “regulars” representing other than conservative viewpoints you cite Bob.

Also liberals are often invited to come on various Fox Shows (sometimes with on-air invitations) … and just don’t come (opt not to).

Sometimes I do wish there was more straight news … as opposed to news commentary … on the air. Even when the commentary IS enlightening.

The mainstream media STILL decides what the news IS (to be covered, how to be covered, who will be interviewed as “experts” and on and on). Also … while “fairness” is a noble ideal; it is difficult if not impossible to achieve. ONCE anyone begins to “report” … that reporters’ bias, at least insomuch as the report’s presentation, priorities, inclusions and omissions contained in it are concerned - preclude anything more than an INTENTION to be (as) fair (as one can be … via balance, etc.).

Fox does this too. But with a motto of “fair and balanced” they had better demonstrate such balance with “reporters” such as you’ve named here, at LEAST.

A “Fox” interview of President Obama during Super Bowl Week was highly rated. And criticized for being “too deferetial” to the President by some and “not deferential enough” due to his office by others from the mail that followed.



CNN Anchor Bill Weir

***^ < Class act! ***:rolleyes:

Once at an airport and once while I waited for my Dad at a VA medical office, the lobby TV played CNN News as its designated selection for all of us. After just a few minutes my teeth were on edge with a feeling I was in a politically biased college class being harangued by a panel of condescending professors.

I’d have read a cocktail napkin instead if it were available. :wink:

But it turned out good. I just noted and interiorly debated with some of the broad presumptions I was hearing … and left intellectually stimulated from the combat. :smiley:

Maybe I should thank that network and give them some mercy ratings by repeating my exercise again - now that they need it. :hmmm: … :nope:


I must be old fashioned because I have never heard those two words combined into one word before. :eek::eek:

So will he be reprimanded, suspended, fired? I have never heard of him before and the face does not look familiar.
Maybe this brought him his 15 minutes of fame?

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