CNN: Parker-Spitzer coming soon to your home

Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer [AKA, Client #9] will be premiering on CNN very soon.

Suggests a new career path for anchors and presenters and hosts.

Ah yes, a show hosted by a Pulitzer prize winner and a guy that fought prostitution while seeing prostitutes

The New York State Republican primary election for Governor was won by someone named Carl Paladino. Never heard of him. However, local politicians say that New York State has a legacy of outstanding giants of politics and that Paladino is not worthy.

They conveniently forgot about Joe Bruno, NYS Senate majority leader:

And then I found this about a very recent ex-governor of NYS: parody song “Love Client Number 9” sung to the music of “Love Potion Number 9”

There may be several versions.

[Mommy, what did that man do to get his own television program?]

So, Paladino is actually raising the bar.

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