CNN Premiere-Gary & Tony have a Baby 06-24-10 @ 8 pm ET/PT


Building upon the success of Black in America and Latino in America, CNN anchor and special correspondent Soledad O’Brien will cover another underreported story, one of two gay men who want nothing more than what they each had growing up – a traditional family – and a child of their own. O’Brien reports a revealing one-hour CNN documentary that follows Gary Spino and Tony Brown on their struggle to have a baby that has a biological and legal connection to both of them via an egg donor and a surrogate. Gary and Tony Have a Baby premieres on CNN on Thursday, June 24 at 8pm ET & PT and on CNN International on Saturday, June 26 at 8am ET.

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and read these before viewing suggestions.

Gary + Tony Have a Baby: Parent and Teacher Discussion Guide

(CNN Student News) – Before-Viewing Questions…

Recommended grades: 11-12, College

Subject Areas: Biology, Civics/Government, Ethics…

Before-Viewing Discussion Questions: Use these questions to initiate discussion with your students before they watch “Gary + Tony Have a Baby.”

  1. How would you define the traditional American family? Can you think of any examples of non-traditional families? What role, if any, do you think that these types of families play in American society? Explain.

  2. What challenges do you think that gay people might face when revealing their sexuality to friends and family? How do you think that your family might react if a family member revealed that he or she was gay? How would you react?

  3. What political and social issues do you think might be important to gays and lesbians in the U.S.?

  4. What is a civil union? How might a civil union be different from a marriage? What is your opinion of civil unions? Of gay marriage? What do you think is the future for gay marriage in America?

  5. What impact have advances in reproductive technology had on some families? Why do you think that some of these technologies have generated controversy? What is your opinion of these technologies?

  6. What are some reasons why people might choose to adopt a child?

  7. What challenges do you think that parents face in raising children? Do you think that gay parents might face additional challenges? If so, what are those challenges? If not, why not?

  8. Why do you think that some people are opposed to adoptions by gay couples? What is your opinion on the issue?

  9. In your opinion, what factors help shape people’s values? How do you think that values may influence relationships between people from diverse backgrounds?

  10. What is your definition of tolerance as it relates to relationships between people from different backgrounds? Would you describe your community as tolerant of people who are different? Why or why not?


Is that from a questionnaire at CNN? I think those are good questions that everyone should be thinking about based upon their Religious and secular understandings of the issues.

I hope it's not for young children though... Jr's or Sr's in HS might be ready to discuss something like this I think it would be better suited for College Freshman... my guess though is it might be a discussion even aimed at Jr High Students.



Did anyone besides me watch this? I’m not excusing their PPH lifestyle but I was dumbstruck by the terrible pain these men went through with all the cruel stereotyping when they were children. One had to endure the initials TIG, for Tony is gay, all over desks, lockers and trees. What an effect it must have had on his image of himself! and that was most likely in his latency period when he wasn’t acting out yet.


From the CNN LINK:

Recommended grades: 11-12, College


I have no words but only to say that as I get older nothing surprises me. Sad to say. :eek:


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