CNN’s Jake Tapper Admits: Trump Did Not Call Neo-Nazis ‘Very Fine People’ in Charlottesville



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No, unfortunately, some do not know what it meant. They want to define his meaning.

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From back in 2017 (In other words, this CNN fake news propagation is not new) . . . .


Published on Mar 25, 2017
Congresswoman Jackie Speier was “live” on both CNN and MSNBC at the same time, talking with two different people, which is of course impossible. The investigation is complete, and it turns out CNN is the network which is Fake News in this case. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

It’s hard to know what he means some of the time, one suspects at times even he doesn’t really know and just throws phrase out to float in mid air and sees what happens.

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Looks like Joe Biden was for the Neo-Nazis, before he was against them.


Sigh, the debate. such as it is, is thus reduced to silliness. Lee was someone I’m sure many people have mixed feelings about in America but this would seem one of those paper ticking exercises designed to smooth over the ill-feelings left by civil wars. The Irish State for example engages in that by maintaining the graves of soldiers killed on the opposite side in our civil war as well as members of the national army. In fact the privately built monument to the leader of the opposing forces costs a ton to maintain and is far more imposing than the memorial to the leader of national army forces. Lots of nations have civil wars and years later people rehabilitate the dead in this way or try and offer some olive branch of some sort.

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He is quite the gaff machine


Trump and he could compete in this dept. perchance. However, my initial comment obviously concerned the former but I know that he ‘Who does the work of five years in four’ is not to be critiqued here as he is seen as heralding a golden age in the US.


Yes, Trump is the king of hyperbole, but he will get some slack since he is pressing the right buttons

  • reduced regulation
  • working on improving trade deals
  • trying to reduce illegal immigration, not increase it.
  • supports religious freedom
  • pushing allies to “man up” to their commitments
  • unleashed the military and finally got results in middle east
  • low unemployment, especially with minorities

Biden has limited scope for his own “make America great” campaign messaging. Nobody trusts dems to fix healthcare, the mess they created. This has left him talking about ethics, not a Dem strong point.


As I said ‘doing the work of five years in four years’.

What was that?

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Speaking of years, Biden is an example of a man who has spent his entire life in relative wealth and comfort paid for by the citizens of the U.S. Upon his completion of his college education he got his start. May I ask if you might know, do members of Parliment, etc, as political players hold these positions for 50 plus years?
Many of our citizens would like to have term limits and its becoming more and more of a good idea.


Some do, some don’t. Some MPs in safe seats may hold their seat for decades, some other MPs may only hold them for one or two terms.

Same problem - time for the USA to fix it (for ourselves).

You might find it replaced by political dynasties in the same seats. That’s an issue in Irish and British politics ad well as in the US. I can think of no end of Irish TD’s and British MP’s who are in their seats due to links with some prominent ancestor or antecedent in the family tree. That might simply become worse with term limits. Not that I I oppose the idea as a suggestion, I actually think it has quite a bit of merit and would prevent MP’s sitting in seats for 30 or 40 years as happens in the UK. The same occurs in parts of Ireland where TD’s sit in the same seat in some places for several generations and is made worse there by the smaller population and it exacerbates the problem of ‘parish-pump politics’ and ‘brown envelope’ culture that have been endemic at times in Irish political life.

Yes, the original idea, as I recall, was for someone to spend most of their lives doing something outside of government, be put forth by people in their communities, and work their way up.

I would not have wanted this to be a Clinton/Bush ticket… And I am not too happy with people like Pelosi: she has held her position for over 30 years, and was virtually appointed by her 2-term predecessor, the widow of Phillip Burton who held the seat for almost 20 years. Pelosi is almost 80; Feinstein is 85.

There are just too many examples of this sort of thing, not to mention how rich people become in office. One has to wonder how that happens.

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grotto . . . .

Speaking of years, Biden is an example of a man who has spent his entire life in relative wealth and comfort paid for by the citizens of the U.S.

If I recall he said (to me and others years ago at a gathering I was at) that he has been in national politics since he was in his twenties.

That suggests to me, outside of politics, he has never had a real job.

Don’t quote me on the “twenties” thing as I did not research it beforehand (and him saying that was a long time ago).

But if you want I can check with the paleontologists and they should be able to tell me how long Joe has been in politics.


Many of our citizens would like to have term limits and its becoming more and more of a good idea.


I always assumed that he was simply being an obnoxious opportunist when he said that, just like when he hesitated to denounce David Duke.

He is more concerned with votes than he is in doing the right thing.


Opportunist I think describe the man to a tee. Expecting consistency is a mistake when dealing with magpie minds like Trumps, he will quite happily seize on what is opportune at that moment, whether it contradicts something he said before or will say later will be ignored. He will not try to explain that his teaching has changed or that he has modified his views, at best he might move towards that direction wit a brief phrase when someone points out his new view contradicts his old one.

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Just a couple of “I got the last word” - President Trump is not a politician, he is a wealthy, successful business man, educated (formally and street wise). He speaks the plain, ordinary language of hard working people. Americans get it.
In spite of the attempts of the Left to discredit him and render his hard work into failure, he remains steadfast and accomplishing for the American people what we support him doing. How he talks is fine with us - we can handle a few “rough” but honest words. The best part is when President Trump brings up a point to make - he is right on!

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