CNN series God's Warriors bashes conservative Christians, says pastor

A conservative political activist claims the CNN documentary series God’s Warriors was “utterly irresponsible journalism” that defamed Christianity. Dr. Gary Cass says the documentary was another example of what he calls the mainstream media’s “incessant Christian-bashing.”

I saw it, and it most certainly was 2hrs of Christian bashing. They paint Christians out to be the bad guys, just like the Islamic terrorists. They make it a crime for a pastor to speak to his congregation about issues like abortion, and the culture war that is going on in America. Christiane Amanpour sees anything diverging from the secular progressive agenda as being intolerant and full of biggotry.

Shocking! - CNN bashing Christianity and promoting the Secular-Progressive agenda. Yes, this is very shocking.

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Sounds like this pastor has a pretty thin skin. Inward reflection can be used as a good, growing thing and it often needs someone else to hold the mirror up.

I saw the last half of the program. With Amanpour’s deathly serious voice and the dramatic background music, it left the impression that the evangelical Christians portrayed in the special were a nefarious group out to destroy all that America is about. Notably, there was little on the followers of the preachers, just the preachers themselves, suggesting that few actually believe what they’re hearing, that this is all just a tightly-knit group of powerful men with evil intent.


Christiane Amanpour is a Christian. And the shows were about fundamentalists of the different faiths.

He also argues that the documentary portrayed people who deny biblical truth as reasonable. Cass points out that only those who might be considered as conservatives are challenged on their conclusions, while moderates are never challenged.

The activist really nailed it here. In addition to the insipid Jimmy Carter, whose “ministry” is to insure women and homosexuals are able to be ordained in the Southern Baptist Church, Gregory Boyd (a former Catholic, of course) was the other “voice of reason”. His claim to fame is his refusal to accept that God would be concerned with abortion and homosexuality when such things as greed and gossip are so prevalent in our culture. I sent him an email. I sent three emails to CNN. It won’t do a bit of good, of course, but it made me feel better.

As a Catholic, I was offended for all the wonderful devoted Christians who are working so hard for the pro-life and pro-family cause. Amanpour could not resist, in keeping with the terrorist theme, repeating one more time the stories of the 7 abortion clinic bombings. No context was given, of course. An attempt, on her part, to equate these bombings with terrorism. It was infuriating.

Yeah Right. :rolleyes: Us meek Christians must sit there and take the bashing. :rolleyes:


It is time we stand up to these thugs and give some it back. Make them pay where it matters most to them. In the pocketbook. Any of the advertisers of the program should be put on notice that they will pay for sponsoring this stuff.

It is time to get militant against the Secular Relativists and drive them into irrelevance. :mad: :mad:

They are! (I hope) The America I hear about on CNN really needs to be destroyed.

But they left out Catholics: see the thread here called CNN …God’s Warriors.

Amanpour granted herself the licence to call anybody she wants God’s Warrior.

Very Protestant: inner light, every man his own interpreter…

I watched the full six hours. Frankly, I found most of it to be very scary. The Muslims seemed to be borderline psychotic. The Jews look a lot less like the innocent victims they claim to be, and most of the Christian preachers made Jimmy Carter look like a saint!

I can’t believe there will ever be a negotiated peace over there.

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