CNN's Chris Cuomo: Trump ‘Chose Not to’ Pick a Woman for SCOTUS


CNN. The Most Frustrated Name in News. . . . .

CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Trump ‘Chose Not to’ Pick a Woman for SCOTUS

By Robert Kraychik. 9 July, 2018. Breitbart News

CNN host Chris Cuomo called President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh a sexist snub Monday night — just days after the network denigrated Judge Amy Coney Barrett with several tone-deaf profiles focusing more on her looks and family life than her legal career.

“[President Donald Trump] could have picked a woman if it was that important to him, but he chose not to,” Cuomo said after Trump introduced Kavanaugh to the nation, selecting him over Barrett, who will continue to serve on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. . . .

. . . One week before Trump announced his Supreme Court pick, Cuomo’s colleague Chris Cillizza published a blog arguing that Trump would pick Barrett — primarily because of her looks.

Cuomo continued his professional analysis Monday night by mocking Trump as a man whose success is owed to unearned privilege. . . .

. . . Days later, D.C. lawyer Jaime Santos called out the network for an apparently sexist disparity in its coverage of Barrett, Kavanaugh, and Justice Raymond Kethledge. Compared to the men on Trump’s short list, CNN fixated on Barrett’s motherhood rather than her professional life. . . .

. . . At no point during the 60-minute episode of Cuomo Prime Time were judicial philosophies such as textualism or originalism mentioned.

In July of 2016, Cuomo dismissed descriptions of CNN as an “anti-Trump” news media outlet.


In all fairness to Cuomo, it was “Cuomo’s colleague Chris Cillizza” who made the other comments (that is unpacked more in the story on the link)

Mark Dice usually does satire mixed with politics on political issues.

In this Youtube post Mark is very serious and informative showing how Chris Cuomo will even go after 12 year old girls who disagree with him politically, in this case on a little 12 year old girl, not wanting men in bathrooms with her.

Dice has had issues with Cumo before too (here but has actually defended Cuomo on occasion too. Here for example).


CNN just comes off as a supermarket check-out line tabloid magazine anymore.


“Ohh, good job Chris!:grinning::1st_place_medal:That’s right! Mr. Kavanaugh is a boy!”

Sometimes those “men” over at CNN get confused about stuff like this. But let’s be patient with them and give praise when they get it right. :tada:


Cuomo makes his brother look like Einstein.

I’ll let you decide how to read that.


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