CNN's deplorable mainstreaming of anti-Muslim bigotry

Most recently, in an almost unbelievably bigoted piece of television last week, CNN anchors John Vause and Isha Sesay pressed a French Muslim activist for six straight minutes about how the “Muslim community” needs to “take responsibility” for the Paris attacks. Directed at any other religious or racial group, such commentary would be absolutely out of bounds — indeed, it’s a classic anti-Semitic trope, like a “new shoot of poison vine growing up an ancient trellis.”

But when it comes to Muslims, flagrant, predictably partisan bigotry is just fine and dandy to broadcast on CNN.

It’s when that general attitude is combined with the Labott affair that CNN moves from hypocrisy to actual danger. By professionally sanctioning a reporter for pro-refugee opinions but giving free rein to the likes of Lemon, Vause, and Sesay, CNN is mainstreaming anti-Muslim bigotry. It is saying that rank prejudice against Islam is a subject worthy of serious consideration, while humanitarian sentiments in favor of Muslim refugees is a deviant view that must be punished out of journalism.

If a bunch of Catholics blew up stuff in France in the name of Jesus and/or the Catholic Church; Bishops, priests and lay Catholics everywhere would be denouncing the acts in full force.

But where are the denouncements from mainstream Muslims? Are they simply too afraid to denounce the terrorists? Or do they condone the acts deep down in their subconscious (if not consciously)? Or as a way to justify them means… Meaning “the terrorists are bad, but if France becomes a Muslim nation because of this then it will be best in the long run.”

Personally, I strongly believe that must Muslims are good people. But they believe that Christanity is wrong and they want the whole world to be Muslim… But the unlike Catholics (who want the whole world to be Catholic, Muslims are ok with using a sword to do so.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph; pray for us.

Ryan Cooper writes from a very clearly identified ideological viewpoint. He says himself in this article you have linked to:

*I have personally been the token anti-war lefty on a couple CNN segments about ISIS. The atmosphere of aggressive militarism was suffocating. *

It would be a mistake to confuse Ryan Cooper’s comments with objective analysis, which is something he clearly and explicitly disdains. In his own words:

the very idea of “objective” journalism is preposterous.

If journalism can’t be “objective,” then it certainty ought to aim for clear, factual, truthful, complete and unambiguous analysis from all sides of important issues. The “very idea” that journalism can’t be all of these would make journalism irrelevant and completely unnecessary (or merely for entertaining the masses – bread, circuses and journalism, then.)–b1V6zQTOKe

I’d keep posting, but you get the idea. Muslims and Muslim leaders from California to Iran, from London to Jordan, from all over the world have condemned Daesh. If you think they haven’t been condemning what is going on you’re not paying attention or watching far too much US news coverage.

I’m thinking this is one of those articles that are best ignored.


Well, I try to stop thinking but it my brain just seems to want to keep doing it anyhow. :slight_smile:

Why not?

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