CNN's Van Jones: Trump 'doesn't get enough credit' for the 'good stuff he has done for the Black community'

CNN’s Van Jones: Trump ‘doesn’t get enough credit’ for the ‘good stuff he has done for the Black community’

Jones says he gets ‘beat up by liberals’ every time he credits the president

By Joseph A. Wulfsohn | Fox News

CNN commentator Van Jones offered President Trump some positive words he rarely receives from the anti-Trump network.

During a panel discussion on Friday, CNN anchor Jake Tapper slammed the president for remarks he made during the final presidential debate, including saying he’s “done more” for the Black community than any president with the “possible exception of Abraham Lincoln” and how he declared himself as the “least racist” person in the room.

However, Jones took the conversation in a different direction than what Tapper was likely expecting.


Not sure if there are any Van Jones fans here but I thought this was interesting.

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I keep seeing that minorities support Trump a lot more than previous republicans. And thus we may be testing for the first time that old saying that if a republican got a % of the black vote, that the Democratic Party be in trouble. But I can not remember the percentage point. 15% maybe? I do not know.

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President Trump:

  • permanently increased federal funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Over the last couple years, funding has increased by more than $100 million, which is a 17% increase, according to U.S. News
  • supports school choice so that poor kids in bad school districts have the same opportunity to succeed as kids who live in better-performing school districts
  • through all of 2019 and the first couple months of 2020 (before state Governors started shutting down businesses), African-Americans and Hispanics were enjoying their lowest unemployment rate, and highest median income in history, largely due to President Trump’s policies.
  • President Trump supports funding for the police. 81% of Blacks want an INCREASED police presence, despite the leftist media’s misleading reporting
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