Co ed arrangements?

what should be the proper vfiew on this. I know it can be an occasion of sin. for example the following situations

sleeping in a school gym during a camp or retreat
close tent proximity for camping
sports in hotels
co ed university dorms
co ed roomates

all can be temptations but I feel like if you’re strong enough, you can overcome it

I still don’t really get the whole thing with cohabitation though? two people could live together chastely, couldn’t they? why does it cause scandal? if you had a co-ed roommate, couldn’t that cause scandal too? or nowadays even if 2 wome live together, people start thinking they’re in a same sex relationship

We do what we can in our situations. Alot of these situations involve the community, where impurity in these situations may no longer be a scandal, it would certainly be a source of shame.

Sleeping in a school gym during a camp or retreat IS NOT a near occasion of sin.
Catholic Heart Work Camp kids do this every summer. Thousands of them. The girls and boys sleep in different rooms. There are dozens of chaperones.
You planning on entering a co-ed dorm?

It causes scandal because two unmarried people of the opposite sex should never cohabitate. I saw the increase starting in the late 1960s and it’s always been wrong. Always.

The only exception would be opposite sex relatives like, I lost my job so I’m moving in with my sister and her family. That’s acceptable. You do live like brother and sister because you are. And I don’t blame people, today, for thinking two women living together could not be a cause for scandal because too many lesbians have abandoned their privacy and are out and proud.


Hi Angel,

I don’t think that any of those are wrong except for the co-ed roommates.

Co-ed roommates is just a bad idea. Even if there is zero chance of sex and everyone knows you are just friends, it could lead to scandal. How? Because it teaches younger kids that this is “ok.”

I have a younger sister who has been living with her boyfriend for years. They have two children and the oldest is going into 1st grade. There is NO logical reason why they didn’t get married. I nag and nag her to get married… Nothing. I blame myself because I lived with my for a few years before we married. My sister was only 12 or 13 when my wife moved it (we got married a day before she turned 18). My sister then moved in with her boyfriend (Unofficially) and got pregnant. She was 19 when she had her son.

The point is sex, no sex… The choices we make and the way we live our lives impact young children.

In my family, my sister is the least of my problems because my mother-in-law is (1) divorsed and (2) living and sleeping with a man who she is not married to.

My brother and his wife also bit pregnant before they were married.

I fear the example our family will set for my daughter.

I hope I am making sense.

May God Bless you and your family.

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