Coal ash contaminating groundwater nationwide, groups say

Waste ash from hundreds of coal-fired power plants has contaminated groundwater in 39 states with toxic substances like arsenic, lithium and mercury, according to a report by two environmental groups that was based on data the plants reported to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The report, released Monday by the Environmental Integrity Project and Earthjustice, highlights more than a dozen instances in which those substances have reached drinking water supplies. The full extent of the effect on drinking water supplies is not known because private sources of drinking water are not tested, the report said.

“Virtually all coal plants are poisoning our water,” said author Abel Russ, an attorney with the Environmental Integrity Project.

We dont care. The EPA is our enemy. Right?

Maybe it needs to be hauled to some southwestern desert.

The article doesn’t mention whether the levels measured are dangerous or even if they exceed naturally occurring levels. Absent information like this, the article is just fake news designed to alarm.

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Very interesting and disturbing read. It appears “liners” to contain the ash has been neglected thereby releasing cancer causing agents in a study of substantial testing. The report points to the fact Obama “didn’t go far enough” with regulations, then goes on to say that under Trump it was “relaxed even more”.

I am 35 miles from Flint MI. The effects of that particular water disaster lingers to this day.

If we should protect anything with regulatory efforts to be as fail safe as possible, it ought to be our water supplies.

Regarding the relaxed regulations, it is a moral point toward the fact that a “right” to do something is always subordinate to obligation. When that is disregarded you will see harm without missing a beat.

Arsenic is not water soluble. Neither is mercury. Lithium can be, depending on what compound it’s in, but Lithium itself isn’t very water soluble.

Flint, MI had nothing to do with coal ash. It had to do with Flint trying to save money by not using corrosion control treatment on their pipes when they switched their water source to the Flint River from Lake Huron and the Detroit River.

Of course it didn’t, nor did I allude it was ash. However, it was a disaster (as was stated) and remains so.

When it comes to water we need the utmost precautions for public safety and no measures for safety should be deemed too much. If ever requirements were needed for environmental safety due to public consumption as it relates to water, that is one of them. Good bye.

Often people use the name of the element when actually talking about compounds that contain it. The use of the element’s name does not imply that the element, rather than a compound containing the element must be ingested for poisoning (or nutrition). in that regard, it is the solubility of the compounds, together with the intrinsic toxicity of the compound, that is important in assessing overall toxicity.

The metal lithium reacts with water and furnishes an aqueous s solution of lithium hydroxide.
The reaction can be spectacular:

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