Coast to Coast radio and Fatima Apparitions

Thursday night/Friday morning, the radio program Coast to Coast (which usually talks about aliens, conspiracy theories, etc.) had a priest on and they were talking about the Apparitions at Fatima and a second part of the Third Secret that has yet to be fully revealed. Sometimes I fall asleep with the radio on and when this came on I woke up to listen to about an hour. Very informative and interesting. Did anyone else hear the program?

Here’s the link for the summary and on this page has the audio link if you want to listen.

I listen to ‘Coast to Coast’ when I’m driving late at night: keeps me awake!

But you can’t trust them on anything, especially not issues related to Catholocism.

It may have been a repeat of an old episode with Fr. Malaci Martin, who made a carreer of claiming to know all the secrets inside the Vatican and peddaling them in a gossipy way to people like Art Bell.

Excellent for entertainment, but the show too often relies on questionable mental meandering through “conspiracy theories.”

hi gmarie21. i heard a little bit of the show, but i found it difficult to understand the speaker. i don’t think it was malachi martin.

i was disappointed earlier in the week because they had a show on prophecy and i wanted to hear that, but fell asleep. the program comes on here at 11pm. i also wanted to hear thursday’s show, but i didn’t get a lot out of it since i had trouble understanding the guest. sometimes they put up a recap of the previous shows, so you might be able to go to the website and see if you can read about it.

No it wasn’t Fr. Malaci Martin, it was a new program. I was working and caught it off and on. I wasn’t too interested in it, it’s too hard to know the validity of what they say on the subject. When the crux of the program is something that is suppose to be secrete, one cannot really make a good judgement on it.

I heard part of the program too – the guest was **Fr. Nicholas Gruner **-- much discussed on these boards. I didn’t hear the beginning, so I don’t know if he discussed his clerical status. The part I did hear dealt with the 3rd Secret, and was being discussed in a very sensationalistic (surprise!) way. He was taking calls from listeners who were proposing their (even stranger) interpretations of what the 3rd Secret was.

Yikes-- I wish the Coast to Coast folks hadn’t found Gruner.

For those who don’t know, the Papal Nuncio has said he’s ‘not a priest in good standing’ with the Church, and has made a carreer out of ‘inside the Vatican’ type conspiracy theories.

The one thing good that may come out of this is that it may cause some who listened to ACTUALLY research what happened at Fatima.

I heard the whole program. (I work nights). Oddly enough I had just been ‘gifted’ some magazines published by Fr. Gruner and had called Catholic Answers radio broadcast, all that very week. Unfortunately I did not get on the air as the program was running out of airtime. My question WAS aired–the moderator asked it on my behalf, and the person responding to questions that day indicated they had never heard of him.

After I heard Fr. Gruner’s comments on Coast-to-Coast I knew something was fishy. I googled him as a result. Apparently, he has been declared legally suspended; it is unclear from what I can find on the 'Net as to whether he has actually appealed his case to the Pope. What Fr. Gruner DOES say is that under canon law, since he was not suspended for just cause, the suspension is invalid and he remains a priest in good standing under canon law.

Since I’m not a canon lawyer I’m not going to try to sort those sorts of things out. Two things do stand out to me:

  1. Fr. Gruner is clearly a conspiracy theorist and a sensationalist whose comments on any controversial issue should be received with great reserve by reasonable persons.

  2. Fr. Gruner is perfectly orthodox in his teaching on faith, practice, and morals and–as is commonly the case with orthodox people who gain a popular following–his enemies within the Church are taking extraordinarily harsh measures to attempt to marginalize or silence him. Measures which are only in recent years and then only relatively rarely undertaken against unorthodox, liberal members of the church with similar popular followings.

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