CoC Friend Wants to Read "Surprised by Truth"

A very good friend of mine who is Church of Christ called last night to say that after we had discussed this book, she started looking for it and had not been able to find it . (Of course, she was probably looking in regular bookstores that would never carry something so Catholic.) She asked if she could borrow mine.

I am SO excited that she is interested, but I’m also VERY nervous that she may just use it as a tool against Catholocism. Should I throw in my copy of the Catechism? Or, I have another great book called “Unabridged Christianity” (that does a great job of answering common misconceptions of the Catholic Church)? Or, am I just asking for trouble? I’m on a journey back to Catholocism, and am anywhere near being ready for defending the faith intelligently.

Thank you!

just give her what she asked for, let the testimony in the book speak for itself. throwing more at her now indiscriminately would just confuse and overwhelm her. when she comes to you with questions, just answer what she askes with a simple statement of Catholic belief, briefly, concisely, accurately. Like if your 6 year old asks how clouds form or how the microwave works, you don’t heap her up with college science books. just answer one question at a time.

I would agree. Just let her read the book. I have given my copy out several times, and it seems to lead the person to a specific line of questioning or deeper soul searching. You can then respond or get information on specific questions as needed. None of us alone can answer questions without the help of God and his Holy Spirit assisting!


I am currently reading Surprised by Truth. As you know, it has a lot of Scripture references and explanations of Catholic teaching and doctrine in it, so for someone who is at this point just gathering information, it is probably just the right quantity.

BTW, I found my copy at a Barnes and Noble, so there are copies out there in mainstream bookstores! Probably just not very many.


Also, Stacy: don’t be too dismayed if she DOES use the book to defend her doubts about Catholicism, or if it doesn’t make an impression. A well-meaning Catholic friend insisted I read the book when I was thinking about joining the Church, and I have to confess I was less than impressed. It simply didn’t speak to me, and I tossed it aside. Four years later, after studying philosophy (go figure) I was baptized into the Church. Only God can convert, in the end :slight_smile:

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