Coca-Cola Ad: Sneak Peek

Coca-Cola has decided to bridge the gap between online and offline, and it says that it’s drink brings happiness, or at least connections between people in the world.

Why can’t the soda pop companies make commericals that show, oh I don’t know, how delicious their drinks are, instead of (unintentionally or intentionally) pushing materalistic and hedonistic propaganda?

I find this commerical just as bad as the Pepsi one. Bleh.

Coke is a fine company and they have a right to advertise their product in a positive way. I do not see anything objectionable in this ad. What did you se that makes it materialistic or hedonistic? It is just basically boy meets girl in the end.:shrug:

where do you see that? as the man says, is a “boy meets girl” theme.

Actually, that’s pretty tame.

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