Cocaine-filled condoms sent to the Vatican


I gotta think its payback because the Pope issued that warning to the Mob.


Unless it’s a warning from the “Gay Mafia.” :smiley:


The popes warning was recent. The drug haul was in January.


This is what people do with their spare time? Someone needs a hobby.


Perhaps there is some Vatican employee trying to smuggle cocaine into Italy?


Now if that just isn’t nuts.


No. It was not nuts. It was definitely cocaine. LOL.


It shouldn’t be difficult to figure out which side of the political activist spectrum this was from.


The articles don’t say if the package was addressed to a specific person, I wonder if it was.
Still no statement issued by prosecutors, which was supposed to come yesterday. Guess they’re investigating the 800 residents…

That’s a lotta dough for it to be a prank or payback. Wonder what they are finding out.



This is most likely the case. The package was sent to general delivery and not addressed to anyone in particular and anyone could have picked it up. Not sure how that works, but it is not the US Postal Service.


Its either a joke (an expensive one) or an attempt to embarrass the Vatican. Why would anyone smuggle cocaine in a condom? Why not just a plastic bag which would be cheaper and more practical? Drugs and condemns both of which the Church is against.


You know, I originally thought this must be an attempt at harassment for the Pope’s recent comments on the mafia but then I seen that the shipment was intercepted in January so that can’t be the case. But nevertheless, why would someone spend thousands of dollars on this cocaine only to send it to the Vatican in condoms? I think some sort of harassment is going on here. Either that or there is some corrupt individual in the Vatican trying to sneak it into Italy.


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