Cochran Holds Off Tea Party Challenger in Mississippi


The Flier That Got Thad Cochran Elected?

Cochran camp says 35,000 Dems crossed over to vote for the incumbent


Yes, well, the Tea Party thought it was all fun and games when they did the same to keep Hillary from winning the primary in 08. Chickens coming home to roost I suppose. :smiley:


It’s the establishment Republicans who don’t want a constitutionally based group of people in their midst. Good heavens, isn’t 34 years enough for one man to be in office?


Race baiting. It is well received by the liberals. I hope the Republicans in flyover country refuse to tolerate such awful tactics.


They won’t…the GOP is dis functional and broken; no good for themselves or the nation…and this is coming from a guy who was a party stalwart for nearly 30 years…Ronald Reagan would be having a fit!


Ronald Reagan was a turn coat. He switched to the GOP per their request, from the Democratic Party. He was merely a figure head for their bidding. It surprises me the number of people who don’t know this.


Reagan was a liberal in his early years. Common knowledge. As he said, “I did not leave the Dem. party, they left me.”
There are numerous believing Catholics @ CAF who say the same thing. I know quite a few former Democrats who left the party because of the issues related to human life and marriage.


As a registered republican for over thirty years,I feel the same way RR did.Iam not leaving the Republucan Party…it left me:mad.
What the establishment republicans have done is shameful.They don’t give one wit about their base,they will not get a single cent from me either unless and until they get their act together.
Time for some new blood,I am pretty sure I not alone in this thinking.


Conservatives Erupt In Fury After Tea Party Candidate’s Loss In Mississippi

This Is Where Chris McDaniel’s Camp Will Look For Voter Fraud


I want a name and face of every Republican who supported w/ $$ that horrible flyer implying McDaniel’s and supporters are racist.


Thanks for reminding us that the probable Democrat nominee for 2016 is the 2008 loser. :smiley:


We all know the real reason Cochran won was due to the endorsement of Brett Favre:


There’s a certain irony that Ronald Reagan started off as a Democrat, and Hillary Clinton began her career working as a Goldwater Girl on Barry Goldwater’s Republican campaign.


Is it even known who published that flyer? Typically, when a political flyer appears shortly before the election and it makes outrageous claims about the opponent, the flyer is anonymous or has a fictitious author.


Obama was already president before the Tea Party even got going in '09.



Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so


I love how this turned out.

I actually find it hilarious how Cochran attracted thousands of African American voters to defend against this TP’er.

The TP guys angry non-concession speech (poor loser) just capped it off.



Well, it sounds like the TEA Party ran out of democrats. While they may have started out as a bunch of simple but well intended voters. They were quickly subverted to run interference for Wall Street. The clue being when their Rhetoric switched from the Constitution to blaming Public workers like Teachers, Fire fighters, and Police Officers for the nations trouble. Then Sarah saw them as a springboard for her own perpetual self promotion tour. Appealing to the most base qualities of American voters ie cloaking yourself in the constitution while blaming someone else for their shortcomings. (I know a few greed mongers here use the same argument for who they identify as left). The TEA Party managed to get enough candidates elected to grind our government to a halt. Obviously you cannot have a political system if nobody is willing to practice politics.

So here we are.



This is disturbing on so many levels,yet it confirms what I have long suspected.
For so many libs,the well being of our Nation is just a silly game,more of a gotcha mindset,rather than actually doing something to help the plight of our country,which is going down the tubes economically and morally,largely due to the PC agenda of the libs,long over reaching arm of the Gov’t.Add to that,the Repub establishment who are dancing as fast as they can to be Dem light,never mindit doesn’t work. So,the TP get thrown under the bus as being the problem,instead of being the solution.
You can gloat all you want,but really,don’t you see how ruinous the Dems policies are for the future of our Nation?Is it really just about winning?

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