Coconut cream recipes?


I bought two cans of coconut cream at Trader Joe’s.

Does anyone have a recipe for coconut cream?

I went shopping hungry and bought them without thinking it through.
The only thing I’m finding is whipped coconut cream.


You’re supposed to make a pie with that stuff. Dozens of coconut cream pie recipes online.

Also recipes online for coconut cream cake.


Three words: Ice Cream Confectionery. :wink:


I’ve only found recipes for coconut cream pie that uses real cream and coconut flakes.

:pie: :coconut:


nothing particular but i am pretty sure it is commonly used in Thai food.

or get some rum and pineapple juice and have a pina colada or two.


Sounds good!



piña coladas . . .

Years ago, my wife and I went on a piña colada kick, making them from scratch.

Then we read the label and did the math . . . something like 2,000 calories for the pitcher, and a staggering amount of fat :frowning:


And another time we used a lot of fresh lime making marguerites . . . we had no idea excess citrus fruit would do that to our digestion . . .:scream::grimacing::cry::flushed:



I make coconut creme pies with a ready pie crust, coconut creme pudding, then cool whip on top, then lots of coconut flakes (toasted or untoasted).


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