COE Articles/Methodist Articles


A comparison.

39 Articles of The Church of England

25 Articles of The Methodist Church


Thank you for posting these. This has cleared up a lot of confusion for me about the differences.

Now the only thing that confuses me is why the Anglican Church even bothers to still have the Articles if they don’t have to use them.


Because of the Erastian nature of the COE, it is technically required that their ordinands affirm, or at least not publicly deny, the Articles. This is a formality; no one gets examined on it, and goes back to legislation from Elizabeth I’s time

The CoE “has” the Articles because that legislation is still in effect, technically. Outside the CoE, other Anglicans may choose to declare that the Articles are just gingery-peachy, and central to their doctrine, or to cut them out of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, and use them to light the New Fire at Easter. What most Anglicans who are on the Anglo-Catholic side of the Anglican doctrinal spectrum do is ignore them, since they are (1) historical, reflecting Elizabeth’s method of keeping order in the Church in her day, and (2) in many cases mere Christianity, that you or any orthodox Christian would affirm, anyway and (3) since the Anglican Communion is made up of 38 independent self governing provinces, not subject to Engliash legislation . Not to mention the large number of traditional Anglican jurisdictions outside the offical Communion.

There are some other comments of mine on this subject in the Archbishop of Canterbury thread.



…and many of those on the evangelical side of the Anglican doctrinal spectrum use the 39 Articles to beat on the Anglo-Catholics… :smiley: :wink:


That they do.


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