COE Freemason Service Today

There is a Church of England service for Freemasons today! In the mother church Canterbury Cathedral that was Catholic until the 15th century.

Bizarre and disturbing.

In the town I live near, the Episcopal church is next to the Masonic Temple. I don’t know how many of those folks are members (if any) but I do find it an interesting place for it.

My sister’s Catholic Church is right next door to the Masonic Temple.

Fr. Mitch Pacwa said they do that intentionally.

I didn’t know that, thanks. Do you have a reference to where Fr. Pacwa said that? I’d like to know a bit more as to why, although I can already surmise a few reasons.

And controversial, in the CoE.

Get over the “Freemasons” or “Masons” or whatever you want to call them. Get over your hyper-conspiratorial stuff. Do some research. The “masons” are a dying breed. In my hometown, they’ve withered to a few members who meet in homes because they could no longer pay for the three-story structure which they once owned (it’s now a homeless shelter for men owned by a charitable group picked up for a song). Their “temple” inside is now used as an auditorium/gymnasium by the residents. No young men want to join that old-fogey group anymore. Business connections are no longer made through the masons; they are made by “social media.” And what can masonry do to bring down Catholicism? It has enough problems of its own to bring it down. Go take care of yourselves and clean up your mess and stop blaming a bunch of white-haired old men who no longer have enough members to form a bowling team.

Money talks…

The masons no longer have money. They’re selling off whatever they have to keep a bunch of disintegrating white-haired men able to meet to play Poker away from their wives while having drinks. If you look at the wives of those white-haired men, you’ll know why. Same for the wives who find an outlet to go out with “the girls.”

No words to describe the thoughts I am having.


What’s with the name calling and barking orders?

Where are the moderators?

Pardon me, if I am stating this out of place, but isn’t this the Modus Operandi of the CoE/modern-mainstream-Anglicanism? A vocal or wealthy minority pushes an agenda for years/decades and the CoE publicly paying lip-service to the ‘orthodox’ line while subtly and/or not-so-subtly pushing their heterodox agenda. Soon, the public lip-service is no longer ‘orthodox’ and is replaced by the heterodox openly, stating how wonderful it is, couched in language of tolerance and open-mindedness. Very soon, open-mindedness is replaced with conform or else consider yourself an extreme fringe to be tolerated-in-word, while being slowly eliminated as rigid or backward.

Here’s the official CoE party line -

1987 July 1987 General Synod considered a report Freemasonry and Christianity: Are they compatible?

The following motion carried a margin of 8 to 1:

‘That this Synod endorses the Report of the Working Group (GS 784A), including its final paragraph, and commends it for discussion by the Church.’

At national level, there have been no formal developments since the 1987 debate.

The final paragraph of the report referred to in the motion reads as follows:

‘(122) This Report has identified a number of important issues on which, in the view of the Working Group, the General Synod will have to reflect as it considers ‘the compatibility or otherwise of Freemasonry with Christianity’. The reflections of the Working Group itself reveal understandable differences of opinion between those who are Freemasons and those who are not. Whilst the former fully agree that the Report shows that there are clear difficulties to be faced by Christians who are Freemasons, the latter are of the mind that the Report points to a number of very fundamental reasons to question the compatibility of Freemasonry and Christianity.’

Here’s is the (un)official practice -

However some senior churchmen rose in defence of masonry. The Archbishop of York, the Most Rev. John Habgood described English Freemasonry as being a “fairly harmless eccentricity”. The Bishop of Manchester, the Rt. Rev. Stanley Booth-Clibborn (the grandson of Salvation Army founder William Booth) stated: “The important point ought to be that there should be no undue pressure on Christians who are Freemasons, and no witch hunt…Freemasonry Today reported Archdeacon Watson noted the “long connection between the cathedral and Freemasons” and paid “tribute to the masonic principles of unity, fellowship and service to the community, and spoke of ‘service beyond ourselves’, a virtue embraced by the Church and Freemasonry alike.”

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