Coed softball teams?


Anyone on one of these with his/her spouse? My husband and I would like to join the one sponsored by our church…sounds so fun. I used to play softball back in grade/high school…it’s been a while, but maybe it’s like riding a bike? :shrug: We want to do some type of sporting thing–together.

Any good/bad things that anyone can share? Thx in advance.:slight_smile:



We have one for our parish youth group…but a young adult one sounds like it would be even more fun. Enjoy! Get some good exercize as well as meeting like minded people from a Christian perspective. Wish I was a little younger…I would join you.


My wife and I played on one with our church.

Good things:
met new people
had lots of laughs
actually won a few games
great exercise

Bad things:
hurt knees, joints, pains - lots of meds and bengay
some folks take it way too seriously - argue, cuss, and fuss
some not too sportsmanlike and challenge every call
served beer at the Catholic school concession stand??

I advise you go watch the teams/league you want to play on first and talk to the team members about what kind of coaches are out there. Stick to the ones who are there for fun and not out to crush any and all teams in there way. Good luck and have fun.


We play for a city league with the parents of our girls’ softball teams. We’ve always had fun even though we’re at least 10 years older than the other teams we play and they use our league for a practice league so we basically never win. We do suffer from a lot of injuries. It would seem bursitis kicks in in the late 30s early 40s!

I’ve never forgotten how to play, in fact, the nerves are gone so I probably play better. I’m one of the best players on the team. I’m the only one who will slide and the guys have A LOT of trouble hitting the lob balls. :wink: My only injury last time was shin splints. I just needed to stretch out a lot before the game. I HIGHLY recommend doing that. You’ll have a lot less pulled muscles, shin splints, etc.


hey–great advice! Yes, that sounds smart…maybe check it out first. The practices start soon, though…but I wonder if we can join in mid-season? My concern would be people taking things too seriously…I just wanna have some fun with hubby.:slight_smile:


thanks bear! I exercise pretty regularly…now, that we are done with the move…and nearly done with unpacking, I’m back into a more regular workout regimen. The one thing I worry about is throwing…back in ‘the day,’ I hurt my shoulder overthrowing…:blush: I would have to practice again. My husband said…‘oh, there will be women on the team too? so, it won’t be that competitive then.’ lol :rolleyes: Little does he know…some women can really be competitive. :yup:


We not softball, but the rec hockey league I play in has Co-ed teams, not really in the upper divisons, but I’ve subed for some lower level teams. It seems like it’s a really good way to spend time as a couple and of course exercise is good.


Seriously, wait until those big competative men go down swinging at a big huge softball served up on a platter!:wink:


Go for it. We just finished up are young adult group here in houston. We had way too much fun!!!

Enjoy meeting new people and enjoying the time and excerise outdoors.


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