CofE departs further from apostolic Christianity


My attitude towards the Church of England may seem to be a bit harsh lately, but it is coincidence that I saw this article in my local paper today. An excerpt:
CHURCH of England leaders have warned that calling God “He” encourages men to beat their wives, a British newspaper has reported.

The Daily Mail said churchgoers had been told to think twice before referring to God as “He” or “Lord” because of dangers it could lead to domestic violence.
I couldn’t find the article at The Daily Mail.


Here you go:

And not to worry about your attitude. You’d have to get up early to have a lower opinion of the CoE than I do. This (assuming it’s accurate, and I bet it is) is an example why.



Take a look at the comments of that article though. Everyone is in opposition. One person even said they were going to call about RCIA right away. This could be a good thing in some respects. Perhaps it will bring more people to the Catholic church. :slight_smile:


Thanks GKC, I was a bit worried about offending or upsetting you. Back to the topic though and I really liked this comment:

[quote=Alex, USA]This may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard and I’m not even Christian!


From the article:

It quotes a feminist thinker that “If God is male, then the male is God”.

This might appear to be logical for a child in Kindergarten…

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