CofE & Gay Marriage

THE Church of England is yielding to increasing pressure to conduct gay “weddings” as the Civil Partnerships Act recognising same-sex unions comes into force next year.

Ceremonies by Anglican priests blessing lesbian and gay partnerships increased by 10 per cent last year to 300 in England alone.

The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM) is increasing its print run of same-sex liturgy in anticipation of a thousand blessings a year when the law changes. Nine out of ten such ceremonies are conducted by heterosexual priests.

Despite efforts of conservatives in the worldwide Anglican hierarchy to maintain a strictly biblical line, the Western Church is heading inexorably down the liberal road.

Bishops are turning a blind eye to gay ceremonies, many in church, which mirror blessing services offered already each year to thousands of divorcees who have civil weddings.,2-1369616,00.html

Was the Anglican Church the first to break away from the teaching of artificial birth control in 1930?

What’s their stance on abortion now?

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