Coffee & Donuts After Mass

I know many churches offer free coffee & donuts after mass once a month. It’s
to provide a setting for parishoners and guests to have fellowship with each other. My parish church doesn’t have that. I might suggest it to my church. Does anyone have
this at their church? If so, what has been your experience with having this sort of get together after mass?:):coffee::):coffee::):coffee:

We do this during Lent and Advent during daily Mass, which we move to 6:30 in the morning, five days a week. We have had a blossoming of attendance as a result, but it does take a lot of commitment on the part of the ladies that host this.

I would say if you present this idea, it should be done with a way to implement it, i.e., yourself or another volunteering to spearhead it.

It’s a little easier to manage in smaller parish settings, but we do have a social after Divine Liturgy each Sunday. We also share a Lenten meal after the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts celebrated on Friday evenings during Lent.

These really do build a sense of community that is challenging to promote otherwise in these modern times, and it is well worth the investment for sponsors and participants alike.

Yum. Donuts! We have tea/coffee and biscuits. Oh gosh, we’re so English :slight_smile:

You know, back in the days when I was half-heartedly trying to be Protestant we had cookies and coffee every Sunday after church. I’d forgotten about that. I really enjoyed it. Our parish now has donut Sunday once a month or so, usually presented by one of the CCD classes, but I think it’s a fundraiser type of thing. People just buy a donut and eat it on the way out the door…they don’t gather to chat and get to know each other. Sigh.

I agree with pnewton, if you suggest it it would be wise to have an implementation plan.

My Parish does it for fundraising. Whichever ministry wants to host a breakfast fundraiser can have the Parish Hall that Sunday and sell food.

Our parish has doughnut /coffee the first Sun of every month. My husband and I don’t go ,since we try to avoid the temptation;) However,a lots of parishioners love it:D

We do it every Sunday- the KoC buy the donuts and put a basket out for donations. Our Parish averages about 120 at Sunday Mass. Almost every single person in Mass stays for it and it’s a lot of fun to socialize with everyone. I love it. :thumbsup:

My church has baked goods after Mass every Sunday (except most holidays I believe). Somebody buys doughnuts every several weeks but otherwise its basically a potluck of random home-baked treats. Some people bring brownies, cupcakes, or banana bread. Then there’s always coffee + orange, apple, or other juice.

The KofC run this occasionally-a couple of times a year. I belong to a huge parish so something like this only happens after 1 of the Sunday Masses, or if it’s done after every Mass is is an enormous undertaking. Our sanctuary seats 1000. :smiley:

We have donuts and coffee/ juice after each Sunday Mass. (3)
On mother’s day there were also cupcakes. :wink:

No crumpets? That disappoints me - it’s not fair of you modern English to smash my stereotypes. :mad: :smiley:

I remember coffee and donuts after Mass when I was a kid, but I haven’t seen that tradition in years.

I can start taking some crumpets weekly and restore the stereotype. Just because I’m a lovely,caring and sharing kinda person. Hate disappointing people. LOL :smiley:

Why is this in the Evangelization sub-forum? You’re evangelizing people with coffee and donuts? :stuck_out_tongue:

In the Coptic Orthodox Church, we have the traditional “Agape” meal after every liturgy. Being mostly Egyptians (except for me and the Jordanians who occasionally visit us), it is Egyptian food – lots and lots of beans, salads,koshari, flat breads, etc. We will also sometimes have chicken if it’s not fasting time, or sometimes tuna fish if it is during one of the fasts when we can have fish (the Fast of St. Mary, which we’re in now, is one of the fasts in which we may have fish).

I wish we had donuts! Egyptian desserts are sometimes pretty good (I really like Umm 'Ali, even though I’ve only had it at one meal), but I love chocolate, and they’re not so fond of it. They think things like cactus are dessert, for some reason. :frowning: But last lent someone managed to find dairy-free ice cream sandwiches…that was amazing. Hahaha. They didn’t taste too bad, either. Didn’t taste fake or anything.

We have donuts and bagels with coffee, tea and juice. It’s a great time. :slight_smile:


I think it’s fine as long as it’s not every Sunday. We have coffee and donuts every Sunday and you can just feel the tension at the end of Mass to wrap everything up quickly so social time can begin and kids get their sugar fix. It sometimes feel like people come for the coffee and donuts and Mass is just something they have to tolerate.

I wish it was more of a once per month deal. That way it becomes a little bit more of a treat and something different rather than an extension of the Liturgy.

Yep, same here (in England), my church also offers tea/ coffee and biscuits in the parish rooms after the first Mass on Sunday. People give a small donation towards the cost by putting money on a plate. It’s very popular: for the past couple of weeks I’ve been struggling to find seating :slight_smile:

We have the tea and biscuits every Sunday but I don’t get that impression in my church :shrug: or at least, not with those I hang out with.

I too don’t get that impression at my Church. But maybe its because we’ve only got the biscuits and no donuts :shrug:

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