Coffee grounds for plants


i have been reading online to see if spent tea bags are good for the potted plants and came across this article that mentioned coffee grounds are the best for your plants…

there is a new initiative where u can get these grounds from starbucks… i know a lot of people on this forum have small gardens… so you should be able to get these from your local starbucks… it seems that it makes such amazing fertilizer that the plants grow very quickly…

has anyone does this?


:thumbsup: My mother and grandmother both did this with their gardens. We keep an old coffee can to save the grounds, and also add crushed egg shells. Next weekend Dh is going to til our garden, adding the mixture to the soil. It works great!


So are they good for all kinds of plants? What is in them that makes a good fertilizer? Would it be good for grass?


I used to do dump my coffee grounds in one of my gardens, and I’m glad you posted this thread to remind me to start doing this again. I don’t get used grounds from Starbucks, but I drink a lot of coffee :coffee: In warm weather, I dump our coffee grounds in my garden each morning. I had heard about coffee grounds as a fertilizer, but I like doing it because it makes the garden soil look extra rich and dark and smell like coffee. :smiley: I think coffee is slightly acidic, so I dump the grounds by acid loving plants.


it should also be tilled into the soil, not just piled up day after day, and yes, for acid loving plants, or in any area with alkaline soil. it also what is the word for loosens the soil (like vermiculite)


found this article for you… malia…


Also coffee grounds helps keep the rabbits and other animals away from your plants.:thumbsup:


Last year we went a couple of times to the local Starbucks and got their used grounds, tilled them into the garden soil and had a bumper crop of tomatoes. They are good for the soil in general.


Coffee grounds are really good for mulch piles. (Along with dead leaves, grass, weeds, etc.) I don’t think putting them right on plants would necessarily good. Also it would depend on if your soil is more acidic. The soil where I live is pretty acidic so it would be bad to just add plain coffee grounds.


:thumbsup: If you just tip them on top of plants, like H keeps doing with my 20-year old much-treasured potted devil’s ivy, you end up with a layer of grounds on top that water can’t penetrate and a rather droppy-looking pot plant as a result. :smiley:


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