Coffee or coffee? The answer is Coffee!

The good Lord made coffee to open our eyes and gladden our hearts, so have another cup.

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I will have another cup, thanks, but can it be decaf? Or is decaf not real coffee?

When I drink coffee, I subscribe to the heresy of Tim Hortonsism.

Also to the parallel heresy of decaffeinism.

However, I prefer tea to coffee.

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I occasionally fall into the heresy of Dunkin’ Donatism.




So here it is seven months from the original post. We’re visiting our son in Alberta this week and today I decided to have a cup of coffee. I was able drink half of it. Knowing I would be disgracing the whole topic here, I poured the rest down the sink. My afternoon tea helped erase the taste but it’s been so long since I had my regular weekend coffee that I seem to have been turned off it entirely. Ah well, I drank coffee occasionally for nearly forty of my 63 years years so perhaps I was just sated with it. Maybe when we get back home…

Is it a sin to pour coffee down the sink?


Today I learned, Canada has MONSTERS.


Y’all, coffee.

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Not to worry, the border remains closed; coffee is secure.:smirk:


You ever listen to Gary Michuta? Legit, the way he says “Donatism” makes me think of donuts.

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One of my coworkers has a French press and makes his coffee that way.

NOOOOO!!! :tired_face: @adamhovey1988

Is it a sin to blend regular and decaf?

Not at all. That being said, I think drinking decaf may be a venial sin.

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Then, is drinking a coffee substitute like Pero or Cafix a mortal sin?

Yes, and your penance is eight cups of the strongest caffeinated coffee available in your area

Penance - @adamhovey1988?? That’s just a Monday morning!



It’s coffee time right now!

I am homeschooling my 5 year old nephew, trust me, Monday morning it’s a necessity.

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