Cohabitation and Visitation


I have been wondering about something for a while and hope someone may be able to give advice. There is a friend of one of my friends who has begun to join my friends and I when we go to dinner or the movies, really any group outing. He is quickly becoming friends with other group members. He has proven to generally be good company. However it should be noted that he is gay and actively practices a homosexual lifestyle by cohabiting with his partner.

I am nervous that someday he may invite me to his home. I have heard many conflicting answers on this. Should I accept an invitation or should I decline an invitation? The main points I often hear are that one should decline so that the visit is not seen as my approval of the cohabiting “home.” The other point claims that acceptance is better in the effort of loving the sinner. Any thoughts are appreciated!


I would visit. It’s not your responsibility to stop him cohabiting and your refusing to visit is unlikely to do anything other than alienate him . I doubt he will be the only person in your life that cohabits.


I don’t really think that needs to be noted at all in the context of group friend outings.

You should treat this person as you would any other. Invitations to a person’s home are not accepted or declined based on whether they have same sex attraction. Remember, unjust discrimination is to be avoided.

There isn’t a one size fits all answer here. it’s something that you have to discern based on the situation at hand. Going to their house does not endorse homosexual acts or partnerships, unless of course it’s some sort of party for a specific activist cause like “gay pride” or something. If it’s simply a gathering of friends, you have no moral requirement to decline or accept based solely on this person’s sexual orientation. Decline or accept based on the whole picture.


You are free to go or not go to anyone’s home you please. If you are uncomfortable with going to his home for any reason, it’s your right to decline. You should not be forced into a situation that you are uncomfortable with just to be PC.


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