Cohabitation Under Parents Roof

I’ve tried finding answers to this question but couldn’t so here it goes:

Is it a mortal sin for practicing Catholic parents to allow their daughter to cohabitate with her boyfriend under their roof?

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The Catholic Church would consider this a serious / grave sin.

What do you think?


What do you mean by cohabitate? Do you mean just live in the same building (house)? Or do you mean share a bedroom so they can have sexual relations.

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Important question here. I’ve seen the term “cohabitation” used in ways ranging from any instance of an unrelated man and woman living in the same unit, to specifically cases where a couple intended to live as husband and wife without marriage.

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That’s because the Church doesn’t go around trying to make a list of every possible sin. The Church expects people to use common sense.

Well, that depends on what you mean by “cohabit”. If you mean share a room and have sexual relations without benefit of marriage: then that would be directly facilitating the couple in grave matter and that itself is grave matter.

If you mean living under the same roof in separate rooms and practicing the virtue of chastity— for example the parents give the boyfriend a place to live because he has lost his job and has been evicted from his home,— then that is what we call charity.


Is this the parents’ house?

In that case, there’s no question…if the parents permit this (assuming the young people are in a sexual relationship) there’s no question. They have every right to not allow this in their home, and yes, allowing it is a sin.

But, if th daughter and/or boyfriend own the house, things get more complicated. Yes, the church says it is a sin, but…their house, their rules.

Third option…is this a rental property? I imagine, in that case, the person/couple paying the rent would most likely prevail. It’s best not to put oneself in such a situation, if at all possible. Stick to your beliefs!

Many years ago a classmate of mine lost both her parents, she was under 21, and her fiancé’s parents took her under their roof.

She was not sharing a bed with him—she either had her own room or bunked with his sister or something.

She was lucky to have a home.


Yeah that is definitely a possible mortal sin. They could be operating in ignorance of Church teaching but it’s definitely grave matter to facilitate this.

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